Coco Osteria, a beloved spot in Dehradun, offers an authentic Italian experience in a cozy atmosphere, earning accolades for its food and beverage programs.

Founded by foodie couple Abhishek and Shruti, Coco Osteria was born from their desire to bring genuine Napoli pizza and good coffee to their beloved city. They envisioned a place that reflected their personalities and served as a haven for food enthusiasts. This vision turned into reality in 2021, amidst the pandemic, when they opened Coco Osteria, ensuring every detail echoed their passion.

The couple traveled to Naples to master pizza and pasta-making, bringing a piece of Italy back to Dehradun. The artisan pizzas, made with 36-hour proofed dough, Italian flour, tomatoes, and fresh cheese, transport you to the by-lanes of Naples. Coco’s in-house garden provides fresh vegetables and herbs, enhancing the farm-to-table experience.

Under the beautifully lit Magnolia tree, the ambiance of Coco Osteria evokes quaint European evenings, perfect for enjoying their craft cocktails. “It has been heartening to see guests embracing the Coco menu over the last three years. I wanted to bring such an experience to Dehradun,” says Shruti.

Recently, they introduced ‘CinCin’, a craft cocktail bar inspired by their travels. After six months of trials, the ‘CinCin’ menu features 10 signature cocktails, rotated seasonally. “The cocktails are an ode to different regions of India with radical pairings like kesar with lemongrass and roohafza with red wine,” says Abhishek. Coco also hosts curated events like Wine, Gin, and Whiskey tastings, offering guests a taste of global spirits.

Coco Osteria, with its bar program CinCin, continues to bring the magic of true Italian cuisine to Dehradun, standing as a testament to Abhishek and Shruti’s journey. It offers a taste of authentic Napoli pizza, skillfully crafted cocktails, and a welcoming atmosphere for all.




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