Zander hails from Pokhra in Nepal. Most fashion enthusiasts must be aware that Zander is a leading face in the Indian fashion industry.

Zander has worked with all majors fashion designers in India and has walked in all major fashion weeks in India cementing his place in the highly competitive Indian modeling industry.

Himalayan Buzz interviewed him recently

Tell us about your education and family?
I was born and brought up in Pokhra where my family hails from. And I did my university from Delhi
One thing about your profession you like most?

I never dreamt of becoming a model because modeling as a career wasn’t considered an option. But becoming a professional model has given me so much growth. Being a model exposes you to a lot of events and interpersonal activities. And this career has helped me to interact better, to balance my work and my personal life.

Which is your memorable work?
I love my entire range of work. And I get to learn something different from each project. But if I were to take a name or two- Christian Louboutin, Sabyasachi, and the recent Levis ft Royal Enfield were quite memorable.

Who is your favorite designer?
I think every designer has their own signature or niche. And each of them contributes to the ever-evolving fashion industry. So I love every designer I have worked with.

Did you try to move to Europe?
Not really. The World has become a global village. I can always do work/leisure travel abroad while having a base in India.

Do you prefer freelance work or have you signed up with an agency?
I was with an agency. Now I am a freelancer. I prefer freelance because at this point in my career I am interested in projects that give me space for creativity and not just motivated by money.

What are your future plans?
I have my own production house so the goal now is to make it grow while continuing to work as a model.

Any suggestions for newcomers?
Work hard. Keep learning and work on yourself- communication, body language, etc. And most importantly believe in yourself and always give your best efforts.




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