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Uttarakhand’s son Yogi Adityanath to be the next chief minister of Uttar Pradesh

After a long debate and discussion amongst the members of the Bharatiya Janta Party for the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of India, the legislators have finalized Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister. The decision was taken at the Lok Bhavan at 4 pm amidst the presence of important BJP members like BJP vice president Om Mathur and national general secretary Bhupinder Yadav. Union minister Venkaiyah Naidu was also present during the eventful voting. Prime minister Modi Ji has also waived the green flag for declaring Yogi Adityanath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Gorakhnath temple’s priest Yogi Adityanath will prove to be the ideal Uttar Pradesh chief minister for making the ‘Hindu Swarajya’ vision of Bharatiya Janta Party come to life.

Here is all you need to know about chief minister of Uttar Pradesh ‘Yogi Adityanath’:

  1. Yogi Adityanath’s real name is Ajay Singh Bhishth and he has spent his early life in Uttarakhand.
  2. He was born on 5th June 1972 in Pauri district of Uttarakhand to the late priest of Goraknath temple Mahant Avaidyanath in a Garhwali Rajput family.
  3. Yogi Adityanath has a Bsc. undergraduate degree in mathematics from the HNB Garhwal University, Uttarakhand.
  4. Yogi Adityanath founded the Hindu Yuva Vahini in 2002 which is a social organization known to work against anti-national activities like’ Love Jihad’, slaughtering of holy cows and also for mass activism during riots. The members are trained to use arms for the times of need such as communal violence.
  5. Yogi Adityanath was the youngest legislator in the 12th Lok Sabha at the age of 26 years.
  6. He has been winning the Gorakhpur constituency election consecutively for 18 years starting from 1998.
  7. He was made the Peethadeshwar of Hindu Math Goraknath temple in September 2014 which is one of the highest religious priest ranks in the country.

Supporters of the Gorakhpur BJP legislator have been shouting out ‘Yogi Yogi’ outside the Lok Bhavan waiting to hear the final announcement.

Yogi Adityanath along with his cabinet members will take their oath of office on 19th March, Sunday. Keshav Prasad Maurya and Manoj Sinha are the deputy chief ministers. The oath-taking ceremony will be held at 5 pm in Kanshiram Smriti Upvan.



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