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Uttarakhand’s Ritu Adhikari stands 1st Runner up in Mrs India Universe

Gorgeous Ritu Adhikari Joshi bagged the 1st runner-up title in the classic category of the Mrs India Universe Contest, held in New Delhi. Before coming to the first runner-up in classic category Mrs India Universe, she has been the guest of honour at various fashion shows and competitions.

Many married women including mothers participated in the pageant. They were judged on various parameters such as their body language and grace. Even after facing the challenges of leading a life taking endless responsibilities, Ritu did not leave her passion.

Ritu Adhikari Joshi hails from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. The Mrs India Universe Contest runner-up is married to an Army Major. She herself has been working in the aviation industry for a long time. At present, she is also holding the responsibility of being the face of Mrs Uttarakhand Brand Ambassador. Along with it other than in fashion sector, she is working with Oman Airlines.

Fueled by her passion for beauty and pageantry she participated in the competition. She also won subtile Mrs Timeless beauty. A woman who has achieved so much after marriage, Ritu stands as an inspirational role model for many like her.

She wants to work for culture and art of Uttarakhand hereafter. Her efforts have made the state proud and proved that Uttarakhandis are the best in all fields. Mrs Ritu credits her success to her supportive husband and her in-laws.



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