Central Government’s Ministry of Urban Development organised a worldwide “Cleanliness survey 2017” and published the list of most hygienic states in the country. Uttarakhand finds its place at the 33rd position in this state list of the survey conducted. Roorkee was on the first position crowned as the most hygienic city, and Nainital got the 2nd position on the list in the Cleanliness survey but not a single state from Uttarakhand was able make it up to Top-100 list.

Central Government has started “Cleanliness Survey 2017”. In the terms of hygiene, Uttarakhand was placed at the 33rd position in the list. Not even a single city from Uttarakhand was able to make it up to the Top-100, or even, Top-200 list in the survey held.

In terms of Uttarakhand, Roorkee is considered to be the most hygienic city, wherein Nainital is considered as the 2nd most hygienic city in the list. However, in the “Cleanliness Survey 2017”, Roorkee stood up at the 218th position, whereas, Nainital got 330th rank in the survey list.

According to the survey, along with the capital Dehradun, in total six cities were surveyed, but unfortunately, only two cities could make it up to the survey list but even then they weren’t able to grab their place amongst the Top-200 cities on the list.




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