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Uttarakhand Demands Separate Industrial Policy For Hill Areas

Uttarakhand, a paradise of nature’s ultimate beauty. Officially the state of Uttarakhand was formerly known as Uttaranchal. It is rapidly growing day by day but as they say, along with the benefits come the consequences as well; the people of Uttarakhand are hence facing the consequences as they are facing a whole lot of problems with the industrial policy in the hill area. Natives are becoming uncomfortable in their own land due to the industries and industrial developments. Due to these problems faced by the residents, in 2008, Doon Valley act was introduced to solve the problems but it did not helped out much.

Uttarakhand’s natives have now demanded for a separate industrial policy for mountain areas. Provincial Industrial Association (PIA) of Uttarakhand along with the Doon Valley Act (DVA) has demanded for the review of the SIDCUL’s methodology of the industrial set up in the hilly areas.

A letter on the respective concern has been sent to the Minister of Urban Development by the association regarding the separate industrial policy for the areas of mountain. It has been mentioned in the letter to make a separate industrial policy for the mountainous areas as it is creating a lot of chaos for the natives living there. According to the Provincial Industrial Association (PVA), though keeping in mind the environment concern of Dehradun city, Doon Valley Act (DVA) was settled up but many of the problems occur while establishing the industries according to this act because of the rules and regulations one is binded to while working according to the policies of the respective act. Due to this problem only it is decided that it is very important to review the act and its policies and to change or review them according to the benefit of the concerned people and natives of the land.

Mr. Anil Marwah who is the General Secretary of the association says that, it is very necessary and essential to make some changes and reviews on a bigger platform in SIDCUL. Simultaneously, fusion of SEDA and SIDCUL shall also take place.

All of these steps are being taken, keeping in consideration the demands of the residents of Uttarakhand and their comfort as well. Most probably, the Provincial Industrial Association (PIA) will consider all the demands of the natives of the land and will take the best decision in the best interests of the people belonging there.



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