So you’re an Instagram influencer or a Youtube sensation. Can you get considered a model? Many social media stars are now positioning themselves as fashion models throwing open a debate about who exactly is a model?

In today’s article, we will discuss this debate.

No. Your Instagram followers won’t make you model

Super Model Nayanika Chatterjee | Ruling the Fashion Industry for the last three decades and not so active on social Media

People think that someone with a huge number of followers on Instagram is a Model. We would like to clear this misconception. The fashion industry existed before Instagram and it will exist even when after Instagram gets overtaken by some new social app. You are a model only if you are working in the fashion industry. Fashion is all about style and elegance. Models don’t get to work on the basis of their followers. They get assignments on the basis of their looks & walk. The fashion industry really doesn’t bother about how many followers a model has on Instagram or Tiktok since most of these followers can’t even afford a designer outfit.

Bodybuilders & Gym freaks are not models

Tuhir Brahmbhatt | Working in Major Fashion Capitals like Milan, Paris, New York, London

Your 6-packs and bulging biceps are not required. It’s a common perception in laypeople that to be a model you need to have six-pack abs. This is totally baseless. Designs don’t look good on heavy body type.

Contesting in a Beauty Pageant is not Modelling

Super Model Sonalika Sahay in Label Amit Aggarwal at Lakme Fashion Week

Modeling is a profession, just like any other profession. People from any profession can participate in a beauty pageant. So it’s not necessary that a beauty pageant winner can be a model only.

Participating in TV reality shows isn’t modeling

Leading Models Archana Akil Kumar, Priyadarshini & Vishakha Bhardwaj in a Campain for Sabyasachi

Many people think that participating in shows like Roadies or Splitsvilla is modeling. No. A model does fashion weeks, campaigns, TVC where specific height and physique criteria are needed. Most models are elegant and decent not like crass reality show contestants.

Fashion Shows are not for your entertainment

Leading Ladies Sonalika Sahay, Khushboo Kankan, Lakshmi Rana, Rikee Chaterjee, Deepti Gujral at India Couture Week in Label Suneet Verma

Fashion Shows are the bread and butter for those who are working in this industry. People invest lakhs of rupees even in a small show. Their money and their efforts aren’t to fulfill anyone’s dream to walk on a ramp in a glittering dress. So don’t think people should choose you to walk on the ramp just because you want to try it and it’s your dream!

Get walk trained & have a portfolio

Top Model Sony Kaur at Lakme Fashion Week

Walking on-ramps isn’t a walk in the park, so if you are really willing to be a model, learn ramp walk training first. You shouldn’t look like a penguin jumping on-ramp. Portfolio works as a resume in modeling, so invest your money on a portfolio, not on your social media promotion. Also, a portfolio should be done by any fashion photographer who knows the trend and can help you in getting a few jobs in your initial days.

No your fair skin & colored hair don’t make you model

Pratik Shetty at London Fashion Week

The modeling industry is the most diverse and liberal industry, which actually doesn’t believe in the traditional definition of beauty and parameters set by our society. Here being good looking means you should have a unique look. Colour, gender, ethnicity, and religion doesn’t matter in the fashion industry

No. You are not only one, but there are also thousands like you

Super Model Alesia Raut & Sucheta Sharma

If you think that you’re the only one with the most photogenic face on the planet Earth then we are sorry to burst your bubble. There are millions of young girls and boys who are far better than you. Stop thinking that somebody would come up to you and request you to join his agency. You need to approach the agency. It is true that sometimes agents approach people but that’s the case when they see great potential. But that’s a rarity and not a norm.




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