Any successful business has been once just an idea that manifested into its present status. Taneja Opticals was founded back in the year 1995 as a small optical shop by Bhim Taneja & Yogesh Taneja. Lest they thought that one day they’d reach amongst the biggest one in the nation. Expanding their business now they’ve more stores with world class lenses, sunglasses, and luxury eyewear. One can find the best brands such as RayBan, Prada, Vogue, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, and Armani in there. Sports eye gear brand Oakley, rarely found even in posh shops is available at Taneja Opticals.

Earlier their first shop was located at Turner Road, Clementown. Later when the small shop became a well-known name, they shifted it to Kanak Chowk, Subhash Road near Udipi Restaurant. Since then they began dealing in branded optical accessories.

Taneja Opticals have also had some international presence, as Royal Partners of ZEISS, Germany. They were invited to Germany in the year 2016 and the partnership began since then. Later in 2017, Essilor listed Taneja Opticals in the best 60+ Opticians in the country.

The newest addition to the aristocratic brands available at Taneja Opticals is Mont Blanc and Dita a Japanese company.

Not only do they have a wide variety of eyewear for accessorizing but precise eye testing. First, to the Digital Phoropter, Taneja Opticals took eye testing to another level in Dehradun. As early as 2015 they were the ones to get Vissioffice 2 by Essilor for blending behavioral and lifestyle choices for prescription of lens power.

Just like it, the Phoropter also measures the previous power and then relatively gives the apt power needed for correcting the patient’s vision. Thus, taking into account the rate of change in the lens power new lenses are able to moderate it. The result is that the customer gets the customized comfortable and scientific vision correction that lasts longer.

Experts at Taneja Optical Co have set a benchmark maintaining long-lasting relationships with their customers. Whenever one needs any eyewear whether for accessorizing or vision problem, heading UK Taneja Opticals requires no second thoughts!




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