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Pooja Bhatt: Portraying colors of life

Pooja Bhatt ‘Zilpini’ has constantly been portraying her life and the society through her paintings and poems. She is well appreciated in the field of art and is working to reach a dream that only she knows about. We made a trip to Zilpini’s place and asked her few questions about her life and the meaning behind it, which go like;


When did you realize that paintings are your world? What do you try to portray with everything you draw and write?

There is a beautiful world of imagination lies inside every human, which needs to be portrayed in an elegant manner to make it worth living. The day I started realizing it, and then creating it, was the day I made a life full of colors.


Tell us something about yourself, your life and family.

I feel lucky to have been born and brought up at Dakpathar which reflects my connection with nature and surely helped me to take out the painter & a poet in me.

Being alumni of St. Mary's Convent School, Vikasnagar, I shifted along with my parents near Suddhowala, which again got me closer to nature and what I signify through my art is freshness. Dehradun always keeps me inspired to portray peace in my artworks. I hold my post-graduation degree in finance and have been teaching in an NGO as an economics teacher. 


How long have you been focusing on your art and working on your dreams?

While I was working, I couldn't focus much on art and I always wanted to learn the basics, so to pursue more I went to Delhi to get a Diploma from National Institute of Fine Arts, which helped me to increase my skills in art and be better every day. I believe I wouldn't stop to learn till my last breath and so I keep myself busy in learning various forms.


What are your views on the rise in artists in our city who are passionate about their skills and developing themselves each day?

I am glad to see that Dehradun, in recent times has increased its participation in the enhancement of art and I feel proud to be a part of the people who chose what they loved to do. I think that Dehradun is developing itself to be the next hub for artists as I believe that it holds a lot of peace & natural beauty which sustains an artist like me and help me to remain inspired to achieve more in life.


Do you want to convey something to the readers? How can they connect with your work?

I will like to thank the readers and wish that they contribute on their part, to encourage artists and help them in every possible way. People can connect with me and my work through my Instagram portal @the_sensible_insane 



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