Photography sector mostly has men as biases believe that women can’t go beyond selfies. And a photographer’s job is full of challenges, long hours and tonnes of after work. After all, they are the ones who hide the flaws and make it all look perfect. Not standing in front of the camera, but behind the lens, Payal proved that women ace both sides.

Despite getting married at an early age Payal did not surrender to her fate. Though her marriage also wasn’t her hurdle, but a bridge. Her husband encouraged her to follow her dreams. Not only through words, but he supported her by financial means and other ways. Payal credits her partner for the accomplishments. She mentioned that it would not be possible to be where she is today without him. Today Payal’s Click is a leading wedding and event photography company.

Many Male photographers cannot tolerate the success of  Payal and created hurdles for her, but such losers couldn’t defeat her confidence & passion.





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