This is the second time in the history of the Islamic state of Pakistan when Prime Minister greets the Pakistani Hindus on their festival of Deepawali and this created huge trouble for Nawaz Sharif in his own country.

Pakistan, a country which is founded on the basis of Hindu hatred, where being a Hindu is worse than being a dog doesn’t recognise any Hindu festival even though Hindus form 1.4% of its total population.

In Pakistan last year the Sindh government passed a law to give leave on Hindu festivals, which created a thunderstorm in Pakistani media. In Pakistan, which is a self-claimed pure Islamic nation, founded on the two nation theory which states “Hindu & Muslim both are separate Nation and cannot live together”, Hindus are termed as the enemies of Islam.

According to Pakistani ideology, all Muslims of South Asia are Pakistanis while all Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis are Indians. This is the reason why Pakistani media and politicians abuse India less and Hindus more. It’s very common in Pakistani electronic media too where anchors openly abuse Hindus, panellists even go on to say, "Bahut dino se hamane Hinduon ka katal nahi kiya hai (It’s been days since we murdered Hindus)" and politicians call Indians,"cow-worshipping Kafir Hindus" while bashing India.

Pakistani Hindus are second class citizens in the Islamic state of Pakistan who commit the sin of idol worshiping and polytheism as per core Islamic ideology of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif went against the ideology of Islam by wishing these nonbeliever Hindus on their festival so he had to face the heat from common people of Pakistan.

Pakistani news portals published the news and the comments section was full of hate comments.  Here, we are sharing the few of comments on Ary Digital News portal.