People wear Pahari caps or Kullu caps in upper Himachal & Jaunsar Bawar region of Uttarakhand from centuries. The traditional cap is symbolic, and identity of being Pahari. There are different types of the cap namely, Kulluvi, Kinnauri, Jaunsari, Jaunpuri, Bushauhri, and Lahuli. Some are worn exclusively by men, while others can be worn by both men and women.

Earlier, mostly aged people wore this cap. Most of the  Uttarakhandi & Himachali politicians wear the Pahari cap to stand apart from the rest. But in recent years, Pahari caps have become popular among youth, exploring the new fashion trends. In the quest of doing something new to their look, they have revived the tradition of wearing the caps.

Photography by – Payal’s Click| Model – Akshay Chauhan

Whether in Dehradun or Shimla, or even Chandigarh and metropolitan like Delhi, you can find handsome Pahari boys wearing these caps. The charm of Pahari men is already proven, but even girls do adorn this cap. The manner of wearing the cap differs in case of women. They wear it over their shawls or under it. Mostly women wear it to keep themselves warm or tuck their other head accessories. These caps can be worn along casuals as well as formals.

Photography by – Payal’s Click | Model – Ashish Sharma

The Pahari caps are available in different colors. Being a traditional clothing item, they are mostly made of handloom fibre. They have appealing colorful patterns over them and are made out of the finest wool. This makes them ideal wear for the winter season. Pahari caps have a lappet over half of their length. The colored pattern or even the monochrome colored design is under this. When the lappet is turned over up, the design is visible. Otherwise serving its purpose of keeping the head warm the lappet hangs down. It covers the back of neck region from ear to ear. When tucked up, the lappet allows one to add feathers or any hair accessory to make the look traditional and catchy. The design of the cap is such that it doesn’t feel bulky and yet is warm and comfortable.

A stylish look with boots, blue denim, leather jacket, muffler, and Pahari cap would be a great fashion twist for this winter.

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