The Uttarakhand Young Achievers Awards celebrates the youth of Uttarakhand and their success. Every major sector has people from Uttarakhand doing wonders. Quite a number of them did not live the avowed youth period due to lack of acknowledgment. HimalayanBuzz aims at creating a platform that would enable the diligent Uttarakhand’s youth to get better opportunities and inspire others. There will be nominations of Young Achievers in different categories.

Objectives of the Award
1. Acknowledge & highlight the achievements of Uttarakhandis.
2. Educate the general public with examples of achievements by Uttarakhandis.
3. Encourage & motivate young Uttarakhandis at all levels in their chosen fields of endeavor.
4. Develop a sense of pride in being Uttarakhandi.
5. Encourage youngsters to work in their own state.
6. Create a positive environment in the state to stop migration.
7. Develop and encourage leadership and life skills in young Uttarakhandis.
8. Provide the role models & mentors for our youth by highlighting their achievements and pursuit of excellence.

We have tried to include categories covering all working groups. Nonetheless, we are open to negotiations for any new category that would suit your field. You can suggest any other categories or changes in existing categories, judging criteria etc to reach to the right sect of choice.

  1. Retail
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Fashion
  4. Healthcare
  5. Tourism & Hospitality
  6. Entrepreneurs
  7. Startups
  8. Beauty & Wellness
  9. SMEs
  10. Companies
  11. Real
  12. Estate Business Services
  13. Technology
  14. Professionals
  15. Weddings & Events
  16. Hotel & Resorts
  17. Individuals
  18. NGOs
  19. Education
  20. Photography
  21. Entertainment

* Nominations would be closed on 24 November 2018
* It’s a Non – Governmental Initiative

** Marketing & Branding Fees Applicable Once Shortlisted

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