Born and raised in New Delhi Manas is doing wonders with his zeal towards Fashion, Theatre & Engineering. Manas has done his aerospace engineering in 2012 from Coventry University, England. During his university days, he was constantly active in co-curricular activities and once got a chance to attend and volunteer for the London Fashion Week. He says, he has been watching fashion on TV all his childhood but got the real fashion taste when he explored the ambiance, backstage, and real models walking the ramp in London Fashion Week. That’s when he started pursuing fashion as his walk for life.

In 2014, Manas flew back to India after with his degree. Soon, Manas got associated with the Indian Trade Fair Organisation and was managing some Khadi fashion show where he met top Indian Models along with Mr. Sunil Sethi(President, Fashion Design Council of India) and got exposure to the Indian Fashion Industry.

Later on, with the help of a friend, Manas got the opportunity to work in Lakme fashion Week in the implementation team. He met some great personalities like Neeraj Gaba & Lubna Adams over there and learned a lot about the Industry. Then Manas went on learning about Fashion Choreography & the whole fashion domain.

Soon after, in 2016, Manas moved to Gujarat and got a chance to work as a Fashion Choreographer. Manas got to direct a live fashion show all on his own. In Manas’s words, “It was a thrilling experience to have. Directing an entire fashion show while I used to just watch them, and that’s where the experience from all those huge Fashion Weeks rewarded.” At his first choreography assignment, Manas directed the show, choreographed models, and also got to launch UM Motorcycles. It went on astounding and a big success.

To date, Manas has choreographed several Fashion weeks, Solo Designer shows, University shows, Pageant training along ceratin acting assignments. Manas says, choreographing the ITCC(International textile and costume congress) has been his best project until now. Also, Manas gives fashion choreography workshops to final year university students and enjoys his professor job as well.

With all these amazing learnings and experiences, Manas has moved to Dehradun these days and is all set to Sway the fashion scene in Dehradun. We wish Manas all the very best for his upcoming assignments & adventures.




Subodh Uniyal is Professional Model, Writer, Marketer and an Engineer. Currently based in New Delhi, he grew up in Dehradun, India. Growing up, he was fascinated with Poetry, Narratives, Art, and Science and this interest led to some early exposure to reading & writing since he was drawn to plenteous art & culture. Later, Subodh studied engineering and developed a passion for ideas. Subodh writes late in the night and spends rest of his day making his experiments work.

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