Young, handsome & talented Nirbhay Singh won the Mr. Uttarakhand 2017 pageant. The Himalayan buzz team interviewed him recently and here the catchy bits for you.

First of all, tell us, how does it feel to be Mr. Uttarakhand? Have things changed for you after winning the title?
I am thankful to HimalayanBuzz for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the Mr.Uttrakhand worldwide 2017. Secondly winning this title is my first step towards my dream.You know what, until when the results were not out it was a lub dub situation. There was a cut throat competition. But yes, when my name was called out I was on cloud no 9. It really feels great to be the winner.

When was the first time you realized you wanted to take it up as a career?
I really don’t remember but yes since I got a vision of what I wanna be, so this was it. Everyone loves to name and fame so does I, only thing that I don’t shy away from admitting it. And being a model cum actor for sure i will achieve this very soon.

Did you always want to win the pageant?
Why would I participate to lose? Of course I was in it to win it!

Let us know about your family background & education?
Talking about my family, we are 4 members, my father is a government servant. My mother is a home maker and my sweet bundle of joy my sister she is studying. I am a graduate from stream, passed out from Lucknow university after completing my schooling from S.K.D.Acadmey.

What message would you like to give HimalayanBuzz Mr. Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018 aspirants about what it takes to be a Mr. Uttarakhand. What are the challenges involved?
One thing which is very important to win any pageant is having the confidence in yourself that you will make it. Second thing which is important is how well groomed you are, looks matter. No matter what people say, looks matter. It is your appearance that boosts your confidence. Everyone was so passionate towards this contest. It was nerve wrecking sometimes will i win or what will happen next. I wanted to be the best is even aspect. But yes our choreographer, organizers and rest of the team was so supportive that every thing went smoothly.

You also won Subtitle Mr Best Physique & as a model you need to be at your physical best. How do you maintain yourself? Tell us something about your diet and exercise regimen.
I strongly believe that to be a good model you must have a good physique. And to maintain this diet and regular workout is very important. Your diet should be balanced with proper nutrients and 1 day in a week cheat diet should be there. Simply sitting backfires badly. Rather on that 1 day eat whatever you want to. About my exercise regimen, I workout 5 days in a week which includes 2 body part in a day.

What are you future plans?
My future plans are to earn a good name in this glamour world and be a successful model followed by an actor.




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