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An Interview with Fashion Designer Nikita Nayak

Nikita Nayak is one of the famous designers from Bhubaneswar and recently she showcased her collection at Uttarakhand Couture Week. She has her own label Nikita’s Couture which is based in Bhubaneswar. Himalayan Buzz team had to conversation with her about her past experiences and future plans.

First of all, tell us how you started your career in fashion designing?


Post my MBA I knew I won’t be able to fit myself into any corporate job, being too fussy about everything in that world. I believe fashion is something which always pulled my attention and interest developed. Eventually, I thought that I should do a diploma from NIFT which made me more focused. I became confident that I can go ahead with my dream studio called Nikita’s Couture. So it’s been two years and I never looked back and honestly not a single moment has come till date that made me regret my decision.


What sparked your interest in fashion?

I was certainly a fashion buff. Anything that has been in vogue has been in my wardrobe. I am not just a brand freak but also into the designer label, so things just didn’t happen it was probably destined to happen.

What made you take fashion more seriously and who inspired you to pick up this field as your passion and career option?

Inspiration comes from various sources, I have been inspired by the little things around as well. I am a God loving person, and in that way, I am even inquisitive about how priest drapes a saree so beautifully over Goddesses in the temple. I have looked upon many designers in the industry. Couple of them has inspired me more than the rest, to work on things, to make my design the signature style.

From where did you study fashion design?

As I told you already, an one year course of Diploma in fashion manufacturing management from NIFT.

What do you think of the fashion scenario of Bhubaneshwar?

Bhubaneswar and Odisha is one evolving sector when it comes to fashion. People know the value of designer attire and are ready to accept the designer’s creativity and adorn it. And when it comes to improvement I believe people should now start believing that designer can suffice their needs and requirements just like the famous designers in metros.

Are there any types of clothing that you prefer to design?

My design is contemplated with Indo western themes. I love the idea of cocktail dressing. But when it comes to my ethnic design I am very particular. That’s all about amalgamated Odia silk with Odia painting and typical weaves. I like keeping it original and raw with westernized finish be it lining or the hems.

How is your work received internationally?

Recently I showcased in London Fashion Week. It has been my first international show and the journey was quite memorable. When you are offered an international show within the second year of establishment, it gives goosebumps. I was nervous if I could fit in with other huge designers like Reena Dhaka and other big names. I started sketching designs and things just happened. The journey so far has been so good and experience of lifetime. I can’t thank enough and I am still gobsmacked.


There is a lot of competition in the fashion world; What keeps you motivated??

Competition can only give me more reason to be who I am, I am in a competition with myself first and then others. Touchwood my clients are happy with me. Being motivated need a lot of self-dedication, and hard work. I respect art and culture. For me, they are my major sources of motivation.

What advice would you give to young designers?

Follow your heart, copying design can only make you a tailor. To be a designer – creation from the heart is the secret.

Would you like to showcase your collection again at Uttarakhand Couture Week?

Definitely, I would love to do!



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