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In an Conversation with Avin Tyagi, Mr Uttarakhand 2020 Runner Up

19-year-old young lad Avin Tyagi stood the first runner up in coveted title Mr. Uttarakhand 2020. He is pursuing graduation from Graphic Era University and is interested to make his career in acting.

Congratulations on winning. How are you celebrating your victory? How did your family and friends react to your victory?
I celebrated with my family and friends, they weren’t expecting me to be in top 3 actually, but when I stood 1st runner up they were elated. They felt so proud when they saw my name and pictures in the newspapers. When they put my pictures on their status on social media, I feel blessed.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?
When my name was announced I realized that hard work always pays off and gives you a chance to shine. One has to be patient and loyal with oneself because one day you will achieve your dreams and smile at these experiences.

You can be honest about it, did you expect that win?
Yes. But I had made up my mind that even if I fail I wouldn’t be hard on myself and be proud that I at least tried.

How was your experience during Mr. Uttarakhand 2020?
It was mesmerizing. Words are not enough to explain my emotions but I will say that it is a turning point of my life and I cherish this golden period of my life which helped me learn many things which will stay and help me a lot in my future.

All the finalists literally stayed together for more than a week, how was the bonding with other boys?
The bonding with boys is good and all boys were amazing. There was a sense of camaraderie. I made some real friends.

Who will you say is your idol or mentor?
Gaurav Singh & Akshay Chauhan

Who was your biggest competition in Mr. Uttarakhand 2020?
Myself. I believe that my limitations and my weak points are the biggest competition for me in the Mr. Uttarakhand 2020 contest.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?
The judges were looking for someone full of confidence and a vision. One who could carry this organization ahead with grace and integrity.

Did you always want to be a Model? How long you are doing modeling and If not a Model what would you be?
I always wanted to be a model. This is my vision and my dream. But, considering the cut-throat competition today I’m pursuing Pharmacy as my side hustle.

Lastly, any message to all the aspiring boys who dream of being Mr. Uttarakhand 2020?
I will say always be loyal with yourself and know your worth. Never settle for less. Success takes time to build.



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