The fashion industry has been the worst hit due to coronavirus pandemic. Even before the lockdown was announced, Fashion weeks and shows were being canceled all over the world. The life of a model is very challenging and uncertain. If you think that a model’s life is easy, think again – castings, auditions, updates of the profile, shortlisting, changing looks as per the trend – models are always on the go even when they are not actively working.
This lockdown was a golden chance for them to relax, get back to their families, and laze around for weeks at a stretch!
We asked some of the young models about their lockdown experiences and how they spent their time.

Vishnu Malhotra

I helped my mother in the kitchen by giving her a hand in cooking food cleaning the house. This way I have learned a lot many things like baking cake, kulche chole, memos, and other recipes. One thing I always wanted to do was intermittent fasting but due to my work schedule was unable to achieve. But in this lockdown, I have successfully done this fasting for around 4 weeks and it has helped me in reducing my body fat and I am fitter than ever before. I have also worked hard on my fitness doing bodyweight exercises and meditation to keep myself calm and composed during this lockdown.
I made a routine of waking up at 5:30 am and go for a jog just to stay fit as my sleep schedule got messed up in the initial stage of lockdown. I have been working on my acting skills, facial expressions, and different poses for photoshoots. I watched many movies on Netflix and Amazon. My favorite show is Money heist and I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming season

Manoj Singh

This quarantine helped me learn about human behavior and a lot of other things. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my family. I learned to do many things by myself. During this time, I also read many books and novels. I have been always interested in fitness so I blogged on fitness and social life to help out the teenagers.
I’m a nature lover so I polished up my photography skills. I also made an effort to do some cooking and I was surprised that I thoroughly loved this experience. Web series and movies have always been my most loved pastime so I watched on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. I liked Money Heist the most.
I also worked on myself – changed my looks and did some styling experiments. I am glad to report that these experiments were successful.

Shivani Naugain

The key to a successful and consistent workout regime is routine. And I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of working out and keeping fit.
I followed a few workout videos available on YouTube, doing workout challenges to stay healthy at home. I like nothing more than immersing myself in a book, concentrating fully on the book, its characters, and its storyline without distraction. Books exercise the brain, build up vocabulary, lowers stress, and also enhances the imagination. What else would I want? I also watch a documentary series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I had never taken an interest before in many movies like sully, Thumbbad, and many courtroom dramas, etc but I relished them during this enforced break. I started my pahadi page. It’s my vision, how I feel my culture and tradition.

Meenu Pallav

COVID -19 has been a miserable situation for this entire world. We never imagined this situation ever happening but this pandemic I learned a lot of things. This pandemic made tremendous changes in my life. It taught me how important our life is for ourselves and for others too. It taught me to serve the people who need your help. It taught me the importance of patience. It taught me how important is a unity to face this problem. It taught me how self-development is important to overcome any situation in life. This pandemic has changed me a lot. Life is just beautiful but it’s your choice of how you see it.

Ankesh Kothari

I thrive to work on myself every day. To follow the same, I have made a schedule that I follow religiously. I wake up at around 8 am and immediately after freshening up I make myself a cup of black coffee.
As the day goes on, I switch from browsing new updates on YouTube to some interesting and informative video on Netflix.
Cooking has always been one of my leisurely past times so I cook myself a nice and healthy breakfast.
At around 1-2 pm, I prefer reading a good novel. In the evening, since I am in self-isolation, I workout at home using the usual apparatus available at home. This is followed by me cooking dinner at around 9 pm and finally, by 10:30 pm I am off to sleep.

Akshay Chauhan

Well, this is quarantine is quite tough for me. I had to spend 3 months at home so I started some new hobbies like… reading novels and learning some dance moves from Youtube. Yeah, most importantly I spend some quality time with




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