What is fashion exactly?!!! probably has been the most debatable issue. We are so busy following trends that we actually never think of this that what we do is only copy-cat and actually fashion is not at all about following what the crowd does. 

Whether fashion is the size zeros or embracing your body, the voluptuous grooves or the skinny thighs, comfort or class, brands or smart street styles, the hashtags like thigh gap or revenge bod or the oomph factors. Ehm!!

Anyone who considers brand and trends synonymous with fashion will not find this making any sense. Nevertheless, fashion is really just "being the best version of yourself".

Fashion is not about being a sheep in the herd, that is uniformity. Fashion is being unique. No matter where you get a tattoo or which designer you adorn, if you can't carry it like a pro it's worse than wearing your PJs.

A person who is neatly dressed, is comfortable in his or her attire, is bold and confident about himself is far more dashing persona than any branded rat could ever be.

FASHION should be considered as the acronym for – Fit, Amiable, Smart, Happy, Iconic, Original, and Neat.

You have to have the panache and the flair to carry whatever you wear and be the best YOU rather than running behind what some ABC celeb does and stay conscious of your looks. Actually, it is said that people who are too conscious of their looks and keep seeing their reflection in mirrors are those who have no self-confidence.

It's very important to understand this that fashion and fancy are two different things. Simplicity is a rare form of beauty. Feminine and feeble are again pole apart, the delicate construct of a female body is not raised by a feeble personality rather a firebrand blazing attitude is the icing on the cake.

Fashion not only limits itself to your  appearance. You might look good but if you cannot express yourself and have no input when an intellectual discussion happens, again a boo – boo!!

Fashion is about vibes. A high voltage personality, cheerful spirit, and a carefree heart are the best jewels. Someone who always complaints and has a hung face and doesn't have a positive vibe will never be liked by anyone.

Now coming to the point about to look the best version of yourself – how to make the real fashionable statement!

You need to put in an effort. Stay fit go to the gym and eat clean eat healthy. Never miss your squats!! Stop being lazy and take care of your skin, your hair and everything. This doesn't mean that you need to go the parlor. All you need to do is keep brushing off the dirt over the diamond –  You!!

Also, it's important to dress according to the occasion and season. Darker hues for the winter season, light bright tones for summers, neat hairstyle while going for the office and the little black dress while hitting the party. Flaunt a shiny clutch to the wedding and buy a duffle bag for office. 

Don't grow long hair if you can't maintain them because shabby hair is indicative of a dirty lifestyle. Pamper yourself and love yourself. Mistakes like wearing a polka pink to the office, tacky red lipstick for a brunch date and a gray formal in the club are blunders which will make you face – palm. Avoid things that don't suit you. And condemn things that you are not comfortable with.

Always have the flamboyance, be the exuberant badass whom nothing in life can hold back and who never stays in blues. Keep your head high and accept nothing less than what you deserve. Have the ravishing charisma that goes with a polite and hardworking nature, the most fashionable combo.

No matter what is the colour of your skin –  wheatish, dusky, fair or pale, how tall you are, what are your figure numbers, whether you wear sneakers or high heels, are clean shaved or have a French beard W-H-A-T-E-V-R – – – – – if you have that unique charm and character you are the most fashionable diva or dude in this planet!! 





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