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Dhruv Bandwal: A Designer From The Soil Of Rajasthan

Dhruv Bandwal is a well-known fashion designer based in New Delhi. He is originally from the Bundi District of Rajasthan. His family is very much connected to the roots which can be seen in his designs as well. Himalayan Buzz had a conversation with him about his fabulous journey.

Tell us about your childhood, education, and family?
I was born in a village Ramganj Mandi in Bundi District of Rajasthan in a conservative family. I did my initial schooling in my village only. Later, I moved to Kota which is the biggest city near our village. Besides my parents, I have three sisters.

When did you decide to pursue a career as a designer?
When I was in school, I used to read the career guide section of newspapers. I usually read about Engineering, CA, or Medical, but one day I came across fashion designing as a career option. That moment only I decided to opt for designing. Since childhood, I was attracted to art, craft, and designs, so I thought it could be the best career for me.

How did your parents react when you told them you want to be a designer?
Actually I never told about my choice to my father as we belong to a conservative Rajasthani family. My father was a part of those 5 Panchs who used to give judgments over conflicts and clashes within society. I knew it he will not accept his son as a designer. But my mother supported me at that time. Even when I was pursuing my Diploma in Fashion Designing, my father wasn’t aware of it. He thought that I am doing a normal graduation.

When did you move to Delhi and how were your initial days and when did you study fashion designing?
From me, it was a big change and it was not an easy task to live in a big city like Delhi, but I wanted to explore more & more about me. I worked in Call Centres, Newspaper delivery for survival then in 2012, I took admission in an Institute of Fashion Technology.

What do you think about Indian Fashion?
India is the most diverse country around the world; it has a wide variety of arts & crafts. Every region has its unique fabric, embroidery, and dressing style. For any designer, India provides a bigger spectrum.

Is there any type of clothing you avoid designing?
Yes, we work on natural fabric only, we avoid synthetic fabric or garments that are not good for the skin. I believe a garment should enhance an individual’s personality and beauty. It’s only possible when he/she feels comfortable in that.

How Fashion is important for us?
Fashion is one of the main ways that allow people to express their personality.
It’s in itself a statement to the world about who you are before you even start talking. When we look good we automatically feel good.

How has your work evolved since you began your label?
Since the beginning, we tried to provide affordable luxury to our clients. We believe in customer satisfaction.

What do you like to achieve before the end of the year?
I won’t say anything due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but yes right now I am thinking to stay healthy and fit and trying to do complete my projects

Any suggestions for aspiring designers?
I would suggest being an artist, not an entertainer

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