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4 reasons why Dehradun is the safest abode for Northeast Students

While studying in Delhi is no less than a nightmare for the students from the North East, as also in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai- where racism and discrimination are at their peak, Dehradun’s environment is considered to be most suitable for them. Dehradun is home to people  from different states and cities of the country. There has never been any issue till date in which students from the North eastern states have been mistreated in Dehradun. Let’s have a look at 4 reasons that makes Dehradun a safe abode for students from North Eastern states.

1. No racial discrimination

Dehradun has a large population of people of Nepali origin as well as Uttarakhand’s Bhotiya tribe who live in some remote areas of Pithauragarh and Chamoli Districts and are somewhat similar to people of the North East in terms of their features. That’s why nobody treats them as alien and they are not disrespected or targeted.

2. Freedom to dress

Dehradun is considered to be one among the most fashionable cities of the country. Girls here have the liberty to dress according to their own will without having to face any sort of criticism or mean comments. And people from the North east are really fashionable, which at times act as an inspiration to many other people from Dehradun.

3. Safe for girls

Uttarakhand is one of the safest states for women in India, and so is its capital Dehradun. The condition of women here is far better than in many other states in India. Women are considered to be the backbone of its economy and are one step ahead as compared to men in many fields.  In Dehradun, you can find girls in each sector and every corner of the city and its outskirts . Girls are free to wear whatever they want, they are free to go anywhere, they can have fun under water falls and in deep jungles, and they ride their two wheelers in lone areas without any fear of eve teasing or abduction, which is like a dream in Delhi-Haryana or any other North-Central state.

4. Homely Surroundings

The welcoming and friendly nature of people in Dehradun makes it easier for people from the North East to adjust and settle in. Like the North eastern states, nature’s beauty is at its best in Dehradun. The city offers innumerable opportunities to grow, irrespective of gender, caste, race etc. Dehradun’s people are broad-minded and shallow factors like caste, sex, and race do not matter to them.





Gauraveshwar Singh
Entrepreneur & Writer

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