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Dehradun Photography Festival to begin from 3rd March 2017

The city is all set to host the Dehradun Photography Festival from 3rd march to 8th March 2017 for the time ever in history.
The Dehradun Photography festival has been organized with the aim to provide a common platform for the aspiring and professional photographers to come together to show their art in front of a huge audience.

Dehradun Photography Festival is going to be an annual event of photography and related media to be held at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The Dehradun Photography Festival will be showcasing a wide range of photography from all genres from portrait and landscape to street photography by emerging and legendary photographers from all over India.

Photographers from all over the nation will be exhibiting their photographs at the buzzing event that is soon to go be inaugurated. It’s a 6 days event to be held at Pacific Mall Dehradun. The event will be glorified due to the partaking of eminent personalities like Sudarshan Juyal, Amit Khera, and Bhoomesh Bharti. They are the big shots in the field of photography and will be a guiding light and inspiration for all the participants of the Dehradun Photography Festival.

The Dehradun Photography Festival is being organized by the Himalayan Buzz group.
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