Graphic Era University student made a record by riding a bicycle for 162 days, traveling 18,300 km and entered Guinness Book of World Record. Rain and scorching heat could not deter him from riding his cycle over mountain ranges and flat regions. After completing the journey Pradip Rana reached back to his college, Graphic Era University, on Wednesday 1 November 2017. Director of Graphic and Era Dr. Kamal Dhanshala rewarded him with a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees. In his speech appreciating Pradip Rana, he expressed his desire to have much more such students who outshine their country’s name. The world record holder was welcomed by students and kin celebrating his laurels.

Pradip Rana, a student of BSc. Information Technology started his journey on 23rd May 2017. He started from the campus of his university and traveled up to Tamil Nadu, and back to parts of North East and North India. Narrating his experience of traveling 18,300 km on his bicycle, he accounted about the difficulties in the path. During this period of 5 months and few days, he met people from different cultures, speaking different languages along his way. While on his way he faced adverse climatic conditions and undoubtedly the cons of the ardent journey. He acknowledged motivation from his friends, as the driving force for being able to complete the task.

Patriarch of the university Dr. Sanjay Jasola while patting Pradip’s back, remarked that determination can get you wherever you want to. He went on to say that the young generation of any society is the actual wealth it possesses. Everyone celebrated Pradip’s success, and are proud of his achievement. Another youth from Uttarakhand has made Indians proud. He dreams of creating next world record traveling internationally on his bicycle.




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