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This Dehradun boy shows you 10 ways to rock the normcore look

Dehradun boy Stephen Sam is not just a face but a brand. Stephen Sams studies in Graphic Era University Dehradun & his style statement is exceptionally eye catchy. The style statement is easy to adapt but the way he carries himself is something not everyone can attain. What is normcore? It's more than just a combination of the words ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’; normcore fashion followers are people who do not wish to distinguish themselves from others through their clothing.

1. Who said messy hair doesn’t look good? All you should know is the right way to carry it.


2. Regular fit trousers are a thing of the past now. For a crisp and clean look, go for tech-stretch- skinny-low trousers.


3. Summers are not always as hot as it seems if you know how to dress cool.


4. Full sleeve T-Shirts, shorts, and sneakers can be the best combo for monsoon this year


5. Winter is coming but that definitely doesn’t mean that one cannot look his best. Get yourself a pullover and kill others with your looks this winter.


6. Accessories aren’t just for the ladies, A simple wristband can add so much more to a simple look enhancing it from the core.


7. Bid bye-bye to high shining formal shoes and put on simple shoes to complement your attire. A simple pair of shoes can certainly change a man’s entire look and is as good as an accessory.


8. A man with a ponytail has that extra tinge of style in his looks that demarcate him from the rest. This hairstyle is the new cool and it has also gained enormous attention as it looks very appealing.


9. Men aways look appealing when they wear layers. Unbuttoned shirt and cool t-shirt can give the perfect look to slay.


10. Formals are no more thing to get wore in corporates. You can make it sexy by wearing it in different ways.




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