A shameful act of molestation was reported at the Raipur police station, Dehradun. According to the report, an eleven years old school girl was molested by a 70 years old Nur Hasan. Parents of the girl have registered a FIR against the alleged. The man has not been traced by the police as of now.

The entire incident, as narrated by the victim was, that the girl was heading to her home after attending her school. The old man found her alone and took the advantage of the situation to curb his lewd animal desires and commit the heinous crime. This happened near the Shiv Mandir in Raipur, Dehradun. The accused managed to escape after perpetrating the immodest act. The girl who is studying in the sixth grade told her parents about the incident after reaching her house. They hurried to file a FIR at the Raipur police station.

Along with this in parallel, the Hindu Jagran Manch members showed mass activism and set few shops and surrounding areas on fire. Primarily this has been done to heat up the matter so that immediate action be taken up. However, such acts are not supported by the law. Police in charge told the media that the matter has been registered with them for further investigation. They are doing all that is requisite.




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