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Deepak Rathore’s latest song ‘Duur Hai Vo’ to be released soon

Talent cannot be kept locked behind those wooden doors. It surely does find itself a way out. And as far as Deepak Rathore, a guy sharing an intimate bond with the hills and the mountains, is concerned, he kicked open that door to taste fame and success. With a voice reminiscent of the purity and sweetness of the hills and words that often analyze the deep wounds of love and heartbreaks, it is no surprise that Deepak Rathore has achieved a certain name for himself in the Indie music community.

Certain awards such as being felicitated as a youth icon by the Himachal Pradesh University and being listed by Sennheiser as one of the top 15 bands of the country have come in between as achievements Deepak Rathore seems to be proud of. Yet striving for bigger goals is something that he yearns for and is working towards them. With more than 60k subscribers on his Youtube channel and more than 3 million views on multiple music videos, Deepak Rathore has certainly grown leaps and bounds amidst the netizens

His previous album,’ Kaagaz Ki Naav’, which included hits such as ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’, Ja Tujhko’, Suna Pada’ and ‘ Pahadan’ were a massive success on YouTube with the songs crossing the 3 million mark.

With numerous songs under creation, Deepak is all set to launch a new album titled ‘Chup Sa Shor’. This album/EP also includes 4 songs, like, ‘Duur Hai Vo’, which was recently shot in collaboration with iWoot Media. The other songs in the album are ‘ Pankh tere’, ‘Talli’ and ‘Gayi to Gayi’.

Duur Hai Vo’ which focuses on the struggles of an introvert lover, has been sung and performed staying true to the core and theme of the song which is that phase or duration of love, desire, heartbreak and moving on. The song beautifully captures the discomfort of an ailing heart and the troubled soul of a lover earnestly yearning for someone to reciprocate those feelings in an equal measure and with a similar passion. Deepak hopes that the song, soon to be released in April, will evoke a wonderful response from all his fans and will also help him in creating a new fan base.



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