Lyricist and singer Deepak Rathore will be organizing a huge concert for the release of the new album of the music superstar. His fans are awaiting to attend the show which will be held at early morning hours around 2 am. In spite of that, it won’t affect the hardcore fans and a huge crowd is expected to be present for the show. However, unlike his fans, Deepak himself has no such craze for fame. He only seeks to entertain his fans and nurture his talent. Nevertheless, he would not escape from traveling 2000 miles to the opposite end of the country and perform for his fans. His work has stood up to the phrase that ‘Music knows no borders’.

His current release is the music video ‘Kagaz ki naav’. Other music videos in line are ‘Tu jo nhi h’, ‘Sab Bhul jate h’ and ‘Naldhera”. Though he has been tagged as the ‘music sensation’ Deepak himself seeks no such image and is probably one of the most down to earth artists in this era. Even though Deepak, doesn’t believe in the hype and paparazzi rankings, he is a well-established musician who rose to fame independently.

His unique style of remixing the latest genre of songs giving them a touch of folk music has made music directors line up for doing music projects with him. His songs are able to create beautiful images in the listener’s mind from touching lyrics. Mostly scenic locations of Himalayas have been the muse of his song’s lyrics.

His first song ‘Shimla tha ghar’ had been very well received by the audience exactly a year before. The acoustic cover of the same song soared YouTube channel views. And the same will be included in the coming album along with the new songs. Deepak Rathore is loved by all young and old, local and fans from all over the country. The majority of his fans are from Himachal which is like a second home for him. He has been on several tours in the northern part of the country. And all his tours have been successful and very well received by a diverse category of people.

When asked about his videos and music Deepak casually addressed the interviewers that he does nothing explicit to write a song and instead the words themselves come to him and he plainly pens them down. He created this latest song entirely on his phone and has a huge collection of random lyrics in it.

He promises his fans that his songs will always be interesting and he’d always bring something new to surprise his followers. He makes songs that have characters from his own life and wants the listeners to be able to relate to them. He has had a seemingly smooth journey to success and doesn’t talk about anything other than how he loves music.




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