Deepak Rathore, the singing sensation, lyricist and a computer engineer hails from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Recently he ranked amongst the Top 50 bands across India by Sennheiser. He has a long list of achievements at the age of 28 years. His singles have crossed over million views on Youtube and he is as popular on his channel. He was awarded the title of youth icon by Himachal Pradesh University. His music is unique because he writes songs about everything including love and struggle of life. Despite being so popular his humility and endeavor to do something while being connected to his roots is what outshines him amongst counterparts.
Recently he opened up about his personal life, inspiration, and dreams to our team in an interview. Read on to find out everything about the upcoming singing superstar Deepak Rathore.

What happened that shaped your destiny from being a computer engineer to a singer?
Well, I always wanted to be a singer. I guess most engineers want to be something other than that! During my school days, I was an active participant in all singing competitions. However, it was college events when I finally decided to make music my career. I formed a band when I was in Chandigarh. We all had a strong passion for music and performed daily. My first original song ‘Tu Jo Nahi Hai Yaha’ was received well by the audience. It inspired me to take the journey of music, which I’m sailing through today. Later ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’, ‘Suna Pada’ and ‘Jai Tujhko’ helped me grow a fan following and promote my Youtube channel.

Do you have family members who are also into music?
My family has singers who mostly indulge in Indian music. Contrary to them I’m sort of a freestyle singer open to all genre. I have a special place for rock and folk music. Folk music is soul food for me and many of my songs draw inspiration from it.

What guides your passion for writing songs and how do the lyrics come to you?
Rightly said, I allow them to come to me. I don’t sit brainstorming for lyrics or unnecessarily looking for rhyming words and gluing them. Instead, I draw inspiration from the local community and nature. Being from Uttarakhand nature surrounds and engulfs me. My songs are about day to day life and the real struggle. That I believe is why people connect with my songs. They can relate to them citing incidents from there own life. The idea of making music and music makes money, robs the true essence and that is something I can never let happen.

How does it feel to be ranked amongst the Top 50 bands across India?
I feel blessed and the happiness is double because very rarely such events have a just jury. The jury comprised of the leading singers such as Shankar Ehsan Loy and Papon. Sennheiser conducts this competition for individual and music bands on a grand platform. Last year our band was at number 41 and this year we came 14th. Though my driving strength is the support from family, friends, and fans such competitions fuel confidence.

What you be if you did not become what you are today?
If not singer then Deepak Rathore would be serving the nation joining the defense forces. I always wanted to serve my country and outshine India. Cricket was another field of interest. I did like both balling and batting during school cricket matches. Music has no parallel in my life and I’m happy that I’m doing the what was my first choice.

Any personal story, that pushes you to write songs mostly about heartbreaks?
Heartbreaks are necessary for music! Actually, heartbreaks are necessary for everything. When you suffer from the reality hitting you to the ground that is when you rise. My two albums are ready for release and future works are more diverse. Love is the purest emotion and so will always be my muse. Music helps express love and music heal broken hearts. You cannot separate music from love.

What did you start with, playing the guitar or singing?
I love music and everything related to it. I use the guitar to create rhythms for my originals. Singing came first and guitar came as a result. Now mostly my band members play the guitar and give the background score.

Tell us about your journey, struggling period. How did you survive the early days?
Well before taking music as my only work I worked with few IT companies. The struggle period is not as torturing as people portray it. For me, mt struggle period is going to be with me because I always aspire to learn more and do more. The struggle can mean different things to different people. For some struggle is to become popular and in the quest, they lose their originality. Commercial music may not be what all artists intend to make. And this is where my definition of struggle comes into play. I struggle a lot to stand against the trend of creating what you can sell. I believe that music needs to be free of such pressure and boundaries.

According to you how must a newcomer approach and convince a music director for a chance?
Honestly, I’m myself not approaching any music director. I’m only focusing on my work and creating music along my band. I’m in no hurry to run behind music directors. First I’ll try to create meaningful music and prove my talent and then allow it to stand by me.

What are your three most favorite songs?
My favorite songs are Iris By Goo Goo Dolls, Chasing Cars By Snow Petrol and All I want by Kodaline.

What type of songs do you like to sing?
I’ve always loved to blend folk and rock. Since childhood, while trying to do something new I used to relish folk rock music. The concept of mixing Indian traditional music with the guitar and give it a new touch is fresh. My lyrics allow people to connect with it and the music is treated itself.

How do you compose songs? What must one do to make that record-breaking music?
Yes, doing everything by ourselves has helped us grow and improve fast. I write my songs drawing inspiration from nature and people around. Later I compose music for it and even direct the video. We decide the concept and theme of the video together and then work to bring it out that way. Social media followers and promoting it helps reach the right audience.

What do all you credit for making your song ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’ so popular?
Shimla is close to my heart and the song was as close. I cannot express how much I love my homeland. And that love and longing have led to soulful music for ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’. Anyone can be smitten by the beauty of the hills and serenity here. The song partially brings the same feeling to the listener. Rest is all because of God’s grace.

How did you create and promote your Youtube channel within such short span?
I had a YouTube channel before this current one. But I had to get an apt name and URL so I made a new one. My music videos gained popularity from YouTube network. Even for my upcoming albums, I’ve uploaded the videos to my YouTube channel. Original content and connecting with your audience has worked well for me and my channel. I work a lot for it and devote myself religiously to reaching out through the medium.

Where do you picture yourself five years down the lane?
I don’t dream of overnight success. I want to be of real value and contribute significantly to the music industry. Stardom doesn’t allure me but I’m going to keep trying to get a break in Bollywood. If I make it great but success won’t get to my head. Probably I’ll line up more albums after the current two are successful.

What is your upcoming album ‘Kagaz ki Naav’ about?
The coming album ‘Kagaz ki Naav’ has 8 original songs. I have created a new form by doing a fusion of folk music and rock. It has folk rock and the remake of my old song ‘Jai Tujhko’. I’m planning to add some unplugged versions along. Before the release of the album, I’ll be realizing two videos. The video of ‘Jai Tujhko’ is out now and I’m really anxious about how it will be received by the audience.

What is the story behind ‘Jai Tujhko’? Was it out of your imagination or based on real events?
My most favorite composition’ Jai Tujhko’ was loved by people. They pushed me to make a video. Everyone can have a different interpretation of it. It looks like it is shunning off your past love but actually, it is a way of getting it back. The song is about overcoming the void of a heartbreak. The video shows how the lead character tries to make everyone happy but cannot make peace with his past. As the story unfurls he realizes that you can never really hate someone you truly loved. The concluding scene has him sketching himself along with his past in his imagination.

Would you like to give any message to our readers?
You all are my true inspiration and it is for you that I try to give my best. As individuals, we must remember that our only competition is with ourselves. I love to interact with my fans and you can connect with me on social media platforms such as my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Hope that you guys will like the coming albums and would love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks.

What will be your brief advice to those who wish to learn music?
Music is worship and you need to start from the basics sincerely. You can choose any form and manner but you need to be devoted. Once you synchronize yourself and are aware of the basics you must strive to discover your own style. Ultimately it is your uniqueness that will take you ahead. When you will create that unique music it will itself travel places and reach to audience. They will be able to connect with it with the same energy that you give it.




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