A shy boy from SGGR public school in early age has walked for India’s top fashion shows, and did many shoots for top brands till date. Himalayan Buzz team had a short talk with model Nitin Chaudhary.

Name: Nitin Chaudhary
Date of Birth: 1 July 1995
Height: 6’1
Place of origin: Dehradun
Current City: Delhi

How did your career start?
I was sitting with my friend in Dehradun, and he asked me to give auditions for Mr Dehradun. I was not confident enough to take a part there, but still, I thought let’s try for once. During auditions, I got rejected in the second round and they said you can’t be a model. That’s the thing pinched me and I started working on myself. Later I got selected for Mr Uttarakhand and even won the subtitle Mr Heart-throb.

What are the main modelling jobs you have done so far?
Dehradun Fashion week was my first modelling assignment. Later I did many shoots for Tadpole.com, Flipkart, Myntra, and Jabong.com. I also participated in India Runway Week, Lakme Fashion Week, and Ahmadabad Khadi fashion show. Other than that I’ve done campaign shoots for knotted lane (London based brand) & Cantabil.

Now a quick one, tell us your
Favourite things to do: Travelling, photography

Favourite movie or TV show: Bahubali, Funna

Favourite designer: Rohit Bal

What were you doing before modelling?
I was studying at SGGR Public School.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?
Army Officer.


What was your favourite modelling experience so far?
Lakme fashion Mumbai. I walked for Rohit Bal AND CANTABIL campaign shoot and the experience was awesome. Photographer Ashish Chawla appreciated my work.

What’s the best thing about your hometown?
My homeland has a lifestyle and interesting and romantic places which you cannot find anywhere else. You can have Maggie with your friends at Maggie point watching beautiful landscape of Dehradun. Maaldevta area takes you another word. I lived in Delhi & Mumbai but I always missed Dehradun.

Which brand would you really love to model for?
Not for a commercial brand but I would love to model for JJ Valaya and Shantanu Nikhil.

Which is that one place you would love to visit?
I would be the happiest if I get to see Bali & Budapest.

What are you currently obsessed with/about?
I’m obsessed with looks. No doubt that your character matters more than looks and the saga. But all of you is jacketed in your looks. Before people discover the inner you, they meet the outer you. So, frankly, I care, about how I look or how can I look better.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Be Confident, Be calm. Try to reach out to a good and trustable mentor, because their people are here to exploit you.




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