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Bus services from Uttarakhand to Nepal to start soon

There is an off record buzz that soon a bus service connecting Nepal and Uttarakhand might start. The respective authorities might discuss it from July. Till date, only 3 bus services exist for Nepal from Delhi. Two of them ply on the Uttar Pradesh Road and one goes via Uttarakhand Road. There is a lot of to and fro trafficking of labor and other people from Nepal. The bus service from Delhi has started last year. They go up to the city of Mahendra Nagar in Nepal.

India and Nepal have been closely connected and have always been on good terms. People cross the Indo-Nepal border without much trouble. Sources say that if the proposal for the bus service gets an approval then the road paths will also be negotiated.

It will be a big step towards creating a hassle free transport for the routine passengers of both sides. Nepal has already agreed for the bus service. The meeting to be held amongst authorities in July will be the final decision. Aspects such as making the transport cost effective and safe will be major topics of discussion during them. The journey between Uttarakhand and Nepal is long and will need a route with sufficient stops for food and water.

The bus service is welcomed by the citizens of both countries and will be a success if started.



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