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Best Fashion Tips For Grooms For Their Wedding Day

And your big day is coming. Everyone is busy doing all the arrangements and tensed. So, dearest groom, what are you doing?

Unlike the old days, grooms nowadays don’t’ just put on the ‘costume’ his relative found for him, wearing that big gold watch and off to marriage.

No! Things have changed now.

Looking at the wedding fashion websites, most of them are occupied with brides. Jewelry, dress, party wears, makeup, hairstyles… that’s a long list.

What about grooms then? Isn’t a wedding your dream day too? Say Yes and Read below.

You need to look at your best on your big day. Well, both of you need to. Your bride-to-be has started her trials weeks back. And the good news to you is…you’re not late to take some efforts to be your best.

Here, you are going to see some basic tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Be the Best Version of Yourself on Your Wedding Day.

I know it sounds silly and simple. But this is the most important one and powerful to catch the attention of the guests and to look amazing in those wedding pictures.

No one can change the way they look. Every one of us has unique features and everyone is beautiful the way they look. But with small tips, you can change the way you look.

The first thing you need to do is change your dressing style.

The appearance is the most attractive element for a groom to have. And it is the simplest way to ensure your confidence and manhood.

Dress sharp. This is not some function you can dress up like everyday else and attend. The most important person on that day is the Bride and Yes, You. When you dress up with style and elegance, it makes the whole occasion a whole lot better than expected. It Dressing up good also signals a sign of respect for the bride and this momentous occasion also.

And if you need one more reason to dress sharp on your dream day, just think about the wedding album. Don’t you want to receive compliments for your ‘out of world’ dressing, right?

So, Dressing is important.

Wardrobe – Dulha Gallery

2. Keep Your Wedding Dress Ready.

Keep your wedding dress always ready. It’s not that your wedding is going to be early or something, but this is another tip you need to keep in your mind and to make happen. At least before 3 months, you should be ready with your dress.

You already have a lot of things on your plate just before your wedding day. And you cannot simply choose any dress and wear it on, right? So, shop your big day dress in a relaxed manner and get it right.

3. What To Wear? Some Tips.

You need to be comfortable with your wedding dress. The only time you know if the dress is uncomfortable will be on your wedding day and you cannot do anything about it. Sounds sad, doesn’t it? So, you just need to comfortable with wearing it for a long time. So, wear it a few times before your wedding day and make sure it fits properly. Just a reminder, please don’t damage your dress. You don’t want anybody to know you wore that outfit a few times, right?

  • Choosing a suit is a better option than going after a Tuxedo. Not only it gives you the luxury of wearing it, but also, it is a long-lasting one. A suit never looks out of fashion.
  • Get a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly. Remember, you need to stand a whole day in those new pair of shoes which look absolutely stylish. So, make sure your feet are comfortable inside.

Not only the size, make sure you choose the perfect kind of shoes matching your suit and the occasion. You cannot simply walk into your wedding wearing casuals. So, when you choose, be comfortable in it and make it royal yet goes well with your suit.

Wardrobe – Dulha Gallery

4. Planning A Dress Code For Your Wedding

It’s your wedding but only you two won’t be attending the function. There will be your family, friends, and relatives. So, decide a dress code, and announce it to your guests as early as possible.

Also, think about the dress pattern and colors of the groom and bride and about the ambiance of your wedding. If you are going for a destination wedding, plan according to that. Just make it perfect by including everyone on your big great day.

5. Meet Your Wifey To Be For Make It Match

This is one of the most important tips. When the groom and bride come together, they need to be seen as a dream couple. Your dresses should complement each other.

So, both of your wedding dresses need to be a little bit matching whether you two have different tastes. Both of your dresses are most important as you people are on them.

Wardrobe – Dulha Gallery

Make sure Bridesmaids and Groomsmen dress also go with the main people dresses. So, you on the one hand, please call your groomsmen and your best man, to make some discussions. Make sure that they choose a design which slightly similar to yours but should be stand out differently when you guys stand together. Choose the color and dress according to your wedding venue.

Make sure both of you look at this together making no clashes and compromises, be comfortable, and go for what you both love.

These are some simple tips that you have to keep in your mind. Work it out and make your Big day an unforgettable one and memorable till your last days.



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