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Barot Valley: Changing from “Nature-Lovers” place to “Self-Lovers” Place

The beauty of nature and its warmth is hard to describe in words is what I feel. U may go through pics and share those with ur friends but the essence of breathtaking views can't b expressed until and unless n unless u land urself in a mesmerizing place.
Being a frequent visitor to Barot, this was the first time I found the big changes occurring there. No doubt the advancements occurring for its betterment whether are the upcoming buildings (as hotels or restaurants) or the activities (like camping,trekking, 
river-crossing) surprised me.

People involving themselves in these activities really shows advancement in tourism here.But what bothered me was something else. While walking as I reached the fountain made me realise I had entered to a different Barot this time. The entire empty ground near fountain was full with vehicles n people everywhere, some enjoying themselves in water, some enjoying loud music coming from their vehicles, others enjoying their meal etc. Everyone seemed to be enjoying there but I still doubt whether they enjoyed meals & music or nature. 


Heading towards 0-Point was what I always loved the most because of its silence n feeling of being more close to nature but this time, many things were changed. All I saw was tourist vehicles running one after the other as if some car race is going on. But hats off to those who feel close to nature while sitting in vehicles "talent h boss".

When I reached ThandiGolaee where camps had been set up and people enjoying was good to see but when I saw tourists throwing their empty packets of eatables or the leftover stuff in the river or placing their waste in clean place as if decorating it on land was what made me feel "Apne Ghar ko bhi aise hi sajate ho". I had seen people going for trekking m camping earlier but river crossing was what I saw here for the first time near 0-point n that was no doubt the beautiful advancement in tourism. But as my eyes moved a little all I said to myself was "Ya to kabhi pani ni dekha tha ya shampoo or soap". People were bathing in river water as if it was there the first time after they took birth.


Finally, after crossing the sliding point near 0-point I could find some silence n sounds of birds chirping. I sat there for some time enjoyed being close to nature especially the cool breeze in silence. Walking back I was thinking of some other place where this vehicles pee-pee ,poo-poo couldn't be heard. Suddenly I remembered one such place n crosses the single water gate jumping on the stones which are placed in a patternless manner I finally sat near the big water outlets which contributed water to the reservoir. All I could hear sitting there was running water.

It was only after 2:00 pm when I went back to the fountain and sitting nearby could hear some birds chirping rather than the people's shout. But heart sore to see wrappers everywhere whether it was ground or water in front of me. This was the first time I had seen Barot in such a cruddy condition.


This visit made me think of just one thing was it the advancing Barot which we talked about or the changing Barot which nobody has thought of. The place which always made me feel away from the busy world had now itself started becoming part of it. Barot had started changing from "nature-lovers" place to "self-lovers" place.
Some initiatives need to be taken before we see "Advancing Barot" transformed into "Changing" or rather "Changed Barot".


                                                                                                          Written By : Himani Sharma (Traveller)
                                                                                       Photographs By : Joginder Thakur



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