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Auli Lake: Highest Man-Made lake in the World

Auli, also known as Auli Bugyal is located at an elevation of 3000 meters above the sea. Auli surrounded by coniferous and oak forests lies on the way to Badrinath. Auli is less known ski destination, with a panoramic view of the lofty peaks of one of the greatest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas.The slopes here provide enough thrill to professional skier and novice as well. Auli is a popular tourist destination in India, there are numbers of tourist spot in and around Auli but Artificial Auli lake is the biggest attraction. 

Auli Lake is considered as highest man-made lake in the world. The government of Uttarakhand has developed this in view of creating artificial snow on the new ski slopes in the event of low snowfall. The water from the lake gets used in  artificial snowmaking system to  feed the snow guns stationed along the ski slopes and thus provide a good skiing surface and extend the ski season. Auli hosted the 1st South Asian Winter Games in 2011 along with Dehradun. The Ice hockey and ice skating events were conducted in Dehradun while the snowboarding and skiing events were held at Auli.





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