Layba is an emerging fashion designer from Delhi. She has her own fashion label called Be Layba. She is an alumnus of Amity University, Noida. In a short span, she has made a mark for herself. She is known for her beautiful gowns as well as traditional Indianwear.

All lines are manufactured in-house using ethical trade practices and traditional artisans and a beautiful Indian production team at Be Layba’s Studio located in the heart of Designers World, ShahpurJat, New Delhi.

Tell us about your childhood, education, and family?

I’ve grown up in a family which is very determined, focused, and exciting. I’ve got a deep interest in fashion since grade 4th or 5th. Barbie movies always fascinated me, I used to get so excited looking at various movies where fashion was involved. It was a dream since then. I’ve grown up looking at my mom, who used to run her own small fashion boutique. I think this is what kept me excited and motivated. Fashion movies, dress-up games, mommy, and what not!

As far as my education is concerned, I did my schooling in New Delhi and graduated in Design, specializing in Fashion Design from Amity University, Noida. Thank god, I’m blessed with a family who never gave a second thought to investing in my education which was way too difficult then. Only my dad used to earn for a family of five. I can never forget his struggles and efforts. Family? Come on let’s face it, everyone is not allowed to dream.

Even if you’re so so interested in something you need to have support, mental and financial support. I am super blessed to have my family with me in all my decisions. My mom taught me everything, my dad who always wanted to see me as an independent girl. And not to forget my big brothers, who took my dream as theirs and motivated me, supported me, and stood by me all the time.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

My mom and barbie movies. I remember that one movie, where a barbie traveled to Paris for a fashion show and there she used to create dresses with magic. Oh my god! Dresses are actually magic, I love to design. I loved playing dress-up games, helping around my mom in her boutique, making super rough sketches!

What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

I never thought about any other thing. I always thought of making my mom’s small boutique into a big brand. I wanted to become a designer. No second thoughts.

How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to be a designer?

Everybody knew it was coming, I never had to really tell them. It was just like after my schooling I told my parents that I can actually do my graduation in fashion. Mommy was excited, dad and brothers told me to pursue my dream whatever it may be. So it was a cakewalk for me to convince my parents.

But then came the real struggle, we all know how expensive fashion studies are in India. It was really very difficult for my family to pay for my education and all the extra expenses that came along with it. I still remember the days when everybody used to plan ways to pay the bomb fees.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

After my graduation, I worked with a Designer to get an insight into this industry. She really helped in improvising my thinking and my knowledge. My work has really evolved with time, it’s much more practical and beautiful now. When you design, it’s not only a garment, it has a whole wide process.

Think about the client, age, sector, event, pocket allowance, cut, colors, silhouette, work, and final design. Never thought of this way before. I’m a Hijabi girl by the way, and my favorite outfit has to be a gown, but I make clothes for everyone, whatever be the choice, modest, bold, classic, couture, Pret!

What do you think about Indian Fashion?

Indian fashion is diversified, it is cultural and vibrant. You have so many different techniques of surface ornamentation and prints in India. Indian fashion is beautiful at all stages, be it the six yards of elegance or a basic handloom kurta. Indian fashion is vast, you can never have enough of it.

Are there any types of clothing that you avoid designing?

Umm no, I cater to all people as per their preferences. I design dresses, gowns, Indian wear mostly but if there’s any specific requirement by someone I take it as an opportunity to make something different.

What is your approach when you design for young women?

Young women are fierce, full of life. I love it when I design for young women, it is so much fun. You add elements, play with colors, ornamentations, fabrics and come up with something which is not so usual. The best part of being a designer is when you see a woman praising another woman for her outfits. I love it when my clients share reviews with me.

Miss Uttarakhand 2021 Runner Up Vaishali Verma in Label Layba

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

I’m fascinated by my brand name, Be Layba. It’s a combination of my name and my mother’s name, Beena. But when you see it as Be Layba, it means “Become Layba”. Layba means a “princess of heaven”. So the meaning of my brand name is BECOME THE PRINCESS OF HEAVEN.

This is what keeps me excited, motivated and so geared up to create magic with my outfits. I want to dress up each girl as a princess of heaven. Those dreamy silhouettes, colors, and the final dress. The name really helps me in my work, it definitely lifts the mood.

What advice would you give to young designers?

Oh, I’m a young designer too, but I’d say just love what you’re doing. Never get scared of any challenges that might come your way, you have the power to create magic. Just be yourself and don’t copy, create. I know the competition is tough, but so are you, right?!? This industry has a lot to offer, choose wisely and then never drop out. Trust me, it will all be worth it




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