Amit Sah is a well-known photographer based in Nainital. His photographs get published in newspapers on a regular basis and he has a huge fan following on his Facebook page. He is the master of capturing the beauty of Nainital from his lenses in all seasons. Let’s have a small conversation with Amit Sah.

As we all know about your love for photography, when and how did you realize that you have a zeal for photography?

In July 2013, I was randomly talking to a friend on Facebook, when I realized that I was actually doing absolutely nothing. At the time, I wasn’t doing anything except lazing around. So, from the next day, I started clicking pictures of flowers on my phone. After a few days, a Hindi newspaper (Amar Ujala) published the pictures clicked by me (28th July 2013) and I got even more interested in photography. A few days after this (1st August), a friend of mine lent me his camera for use. Luck favored me and my pictures continued to be published in the newspapers. 4 months later, I bagged the first prize in a photography competition in Haldwani (15th December 2013) and was awarded the prize by the finance minister of Uttarakhand, which further lifted my spirits.

What and how many years of experience do you have in photography?

It has been 3 years since August 2013, but I am slowly learning a lot of things. Photography inspired me to try trekking. In September 2014, I started trekking in Pindari and this increased my attachment to Uttarakhand

Tell us something about your childhood, education, and family?

I was born in the beautiful city of Nainital. We are 3 siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) and I am the eldest. My father is a property dealer and my mother is a housewife. I completed my 12th from Christ Inter College in the biology stream and my B.Com and MA in History from DSB Campus

When did you take up photography as a full-time profession?

I’m still struggling, but people have started somewhat recognizing me now. I work for some newspapers.

Are you working as a freelancer or on a full-time basis with any organization?

I work only freelance, the reason being that getting associated with an organization will get me tied up to one thing, which is something that I don’t want.

As we know you have a special corner for Nainital in your heart, what difference you find between Nainital and other cities?

Yes, that is true. Nainital is the only place which has beautiful lakes as well the scenic lofty Himalayas, alluring sunsets and numerous animals in the jungle, lovely flowers and countless trees. Where else will you find so much in such a small place?

Do you have any future plans to inspire more people of Nainital as well as the whole of Uttarakhand and lead them into the field of photography?

I have a page on Facebook (Amit Sah photography). Many newbies get info about photography from me on that page. I try to inform them as much as I know and this gives me inner joy. There is one thing that I would like to mention especially. Our state of Uttarakhand is very beautiful, but due to a lack of good resources and advertisement, very few tourists come to visit the place.




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