Today, we will discuss something that’s not talked about too much. Most of us don’t even pay too much attention to it! Yes, we are talking about underwear. Even though it protects and supports one of the most sensitive organs, we tend to ignore this crucial piece of clothing.

Women’s lingerie is much celebrated and talked about so why not men’s underwear?  So keep your pants (& underwear) on and learn how to pick your next pair of underwear.

There are several things to keep in mind while buying a pair of underwear. And it’s really important to know them as this might look a bit insignificant but trust us, It’s not! Some of the things that you can keep in mind are here listed below:

1) Get the right fabric

Fabric is the most important aspect of underwear. It is worn on a region that is perhaps the hottest (no pun intended) and sweatiest. Because you can’t do much about it, the daily grind will always make you sweat profusely over there. Choose a fabric that is not only gentle on the skin but also lets your skin breathe. Yes, the perfect option is cotton. It will keep your nether region cool and airy.

Nowadays, underwears come in three different fabrics – Cotton, Modal, and Bamboo fiber

Cotton: These are 100% woven cotton underwear offering great comfort. The only drawback is that they don’t dry out easily so 10% spandex is also mixed.

Modal: It is a recycled fiber that is very durable yet soft and has moisture absorption capacity.

Bamboo Fibre – It is made from Bamboo with antibacterial and anti-odor features. It is also durable and with good moisture absorption levels.

Tip: nowadays, underwear with anti-bacterial fabric are been sold. You can give them a try too.

2) Size does matter

It should be a no-brainer but unfortunately not the case. One major purpose of your underwear is to only support your family jewels. Too-tight and you will end up fiddling in the public. Too loose and the underwear won’t do its job. Only get the size that fits you perfectly and does make you uncomfortable.

3) Prints and Patterns

It’s 2021 and we’ve got a million styles, designs, and colors to choose from. You can experiment to perk up your mood 😉 The underwear comes in various styles – Briefs, trunks, boxer shorts, and boxer briefs. You can choose any of these suited for your comfort level, support, and style quotient.

4) Band and Elasticity

The underwear band does all the work for you and looks after you, but it gets overlooked. Things can fall apart if the band is too slack. Keep things in order by discarding loose underpants and without wearing them too tight to avoid band impressions, redness, or irritation, which are unappealing.

5) Washing Guide

Underwears are easy to maintain. They are pretty durable and need only cleaning with detergent. Just take care to follow the washing guide. Don’t wash them in hot water so that the elastic band doesn’t loosen up.




Subodh Uniyal is Professional Model, Writer, Marketer and an Engineer. Currently based in New Delhi, he grew up in Dehradun, India. Growing up, he was fascinated with Poetry, Narratives, Art, and Science and this interest led to some early exposure to reading & writing since he was drawn to plenteous art & culture. Later, Subodh studied engineering and developed a passion for ideas. Subodh writes late in the night and spends rest of his day making his experiments work.

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