With its breath-taking views and pleasant weather, Dehradun can easily top the list of the most romantic cities in India. Adorned with scenic sites, Dehradun or the ‘City Of Love’ as they call it, literally has romance in the air! No wonder then, you can spot love-struck couples in almost every corner of the city.
Valentine’s Day is almost here and most people in love are probably starting to brainstorm how they can ‘wow’ their dates and make them feel special. It’s true, that, no matter what you and your beau decide to do on V-Day, you’ll both have the best time because you are spending the day with each other. But doing a little something special on this day certainly wouldn’t hurt, would it? How about making this V-day something more than just red roses, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons?
Here, we’ve rounded up the top 5 best things to do in Dehradun for the ultimate V-Day celebration… feel free to steal these for your own perfect Valentine’s date!


Dehradun is blessed with scenic beauty. If your girl happens to be a nature lover then the breath-taking views from Mal Devta are bound to sweep her off her feet! A 20- minute drive from the city of Dehradun, Maldevta is a paradise for nature lovers. Apart from being enchanted with the picturesque views, you can also enjoy the fresh waters of the river. There are also many resorts located around here. No better place than this to fall in love!


Snuggling up together to watch a movie is a perfect way to celebrate, isn’t it! If your girl is a movie-buff, how about taking her for one at PVR Cinema’s in Pacific Mall, Dehradun. Pacific Mall also happens to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in Dehradun. After the movie, the lovebirds can have a fun time shopping together or relishing on some pizza or doughnuts!


Dehradun is quite popular for its beautiful cafes. The city has hundreds of cafes and some of these sport quite a romantic ambiance which makes them just the ideal venue to enjoy your date with your valentine. Our top picks: First Gear, 70 % Café, SunBurn Bistro, Café the Piccolo.


While love can be celebrated each day of the year, however, on Valentine’s Day you can make it eternal. The city of Dehradun has several fine dining restaurants that have that magical ambiance where you can raise a toast to your lover and make beautiful beginnings. Dehradun has dozens of restaurant which are known for their tasty food, excellent service, and lovely ambiance. Ministry Of Club is our topmost pick for Valentine’s dinner date.


This could be the most unique way to celebrate your valentine’s day. Head off to Dindyali – A Village Homestay & café located in Thano, Dehradun. Dhindyali offers delicious Pahadi food and excellent hospitality.




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