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Yagyesh Bahuguna: An Inspirational Story of Transformation

Today we have a very young bodybuilding state champion and inspiration for many youngsters who want to create a name for themselves in health sports. Yagyesh Bahuguna has won many championships till date and is ready to rock some more platforms. Yagyesh Bahuguna is an engineer by profession and a fitness freak bodybuilder by choice. Let’s have some words with Yagyesh..

Let us know about you childhood, your family background and education?
I was born in Ranipokhri near Rishikesh on 10th April 1995. Later on, I moved to Dehradun with my parents as my parents are government employees. I did my schooling from Cambrian Hall School, Dehradun and I pursued Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Blue Mount College Dehradun.

When and how did you enter in the field of health sport?
It is a long story. In my school days, I was physically weak. Some boys in class bullied me. I was never picked for football or cricket team because of which I thought I was good for nothing. Everyone thought that I was a weak player. Then I started doing the workout in a gym. Earlier, people in the gym people laughed at me because I was too weak that time. However, I persisted and I channelized my frustration into hard work. I wanted to show others that not all people are same. Everyone has different qualities and talents.

Did you get support from your parents?
Not initially. Like any Indian parent, my parents too wanted me to study to become an engineer. Therefore, when I started going to gym, I lied to my parents by saying that I was going to coaching classes. Later, my parents started noticing the transformation in my physique. My father thought that at least I am trying to do something with a full passion so he should allow me to continue my workouts. Nowadays, my parents fully support my bodybuilding activities.

To get a good physique it’s very necessary to have a good coach, who is your coach? Who else has helped you in your journey?
Yes, it is right. My coach, Raj Midhas, is behind my success. He is the owner of Bull’s gym too. He had faith in me when nobody did. He has motivated me throughout and has been instrumental in bringing me here. Few of my seniors like Abhishek always encouraged and guided me. I always get attracted towards health sports so Arjun Gulati, General Secretary of Powerlifting Garhwal advised me to contest in weightlifting sports.

How many titles have you won and what are your future plans?
I won Gold Medal in Junior North India bodybuilding championship in 2013. Then in 2014, I won silver in Challenge Classic Powerlifting. 2016 was lucky for me as I won Uttarakhand State powerlifting championship and many other bodybuilding championship titles like Mr. Doon and Mr.Garhwal. I am also in top 30 participants in 6-Pac Nutricia. My dream is to represent India in bodybuilding championship.

Would you like to suggest anything to youngsters who want to choose bodybuilding as their career?
I would say that a career in bodybuilding is not an easy task. It requires dedication and sacrifices. Bodybuilders need to follow a strict diet plan throughout a year. Without passion, it’s very difficult to achieve a dream body. You have to be passionate towards your workout, diet, thought the process and daily routine. And most importantly, you should trust yourself and your coach.



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