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Vibhor Gupta: ‘You can do it if you really want to do’

Dehradun has produced a huge chunk of talented people in different fields, more than any city with a population of 5 lakh could ever can. Recently one more name was added to its list, Vibhor Gupta founder at VG Entertainment. Vibhor surprised all of us with his extraordinary work at India Couture Lifestyle Fashion Week in Dehradun. The event itself was no less than any top 3 fashion weeks of India. Let’s have a conversation with Vibhor about his journey to success.

Tell us about your childhood, education and initial days?
I was born and brought up in Dehradun. After completing my schooling from Cambrian Hall School I moved to Scholars Home. Post-school I did BCA from Uttaranchal University in 2009. Then I moved to Delhi for preparation of Government services and later I got appointed in Punjab National Bank.

When and how did you enter the field of fashion & entertainment?
I was interested in Dance, and got trained at Shyamak Dawar Institute and worked as a team member over there. Also being an important team member in Python Rochers Dance group I had performed in many big shows. During those days I felt that I must participate in Mr Uttarakhand Contest and that’s how my journey started. Later I did few shows and even did award-winning Short films like One Missed call and Ananya.

India Couture Lifestyle Fashion Week | Image Credit – Tejasvi Kumar

You are working in a bank, when and why you started a job in bank?
After Mr Uttarakhand when I moved to Delhi, I was not fortunate enough to meet good people from the industry. Somewhere everyone was looking for exploitation of young boys. To be in the fashion industry is my passion but I also knew that I could only achieve my goals when I will have money in my pocket. Without money and financial backup, you cannot survive for long. That’s why, when I got the opportunity to join bank job I joined it.

Why did you decide to start India Couture Lifestyle Fashion Week from Dehradun? Are you going to organize it in any other city as well?
We could have achieved better response if we have organized it in other metro cities. But I am from Doon and my heart lies here, from the beginning I wanted to make it big but in Dehradun. So, when we were going to start our own show I thought why not in Dehradun. And, yes we are thinking to bring its next season in Delhi.

What kind of challenges did you face during the preparation of the show?
I am working in a bank, so time management was a major issue. It is not so easy to work for your event after 9 hours bank job. The second thing being a small city Dehradun did not have enough sponsorship opportunities. Corporate offices are not located here, even people of branch offices who were convinced with the proposal weren’t able to get confirmation from corporate offices.

India Couture Lifestyle Fashion Week | Image Credit – Tejasvi Kumar

There were many people from the entertainment industry of the city who don’t want you to succeed. They too created problems and indulged in negative publicity as well. How did you tackle them?
I was just focusing on my work, I was doing it passionately. That’s all. I never reacted and never allowed them to take away my peace of mind. People used to bark on social media and they used to demoralize us. But now they have become the actual laughing stock. I am getting good reviews and people are congratulating us and the whole city celebrated the success of our show.

Your success is enough an answer to those who try to pull you down. Every one has right to do work, no one has right to stop anybody. Some people want their monopoly but it’s not possible. It makes me feel good when youngsters like you guys are supporting each other and appreciate each other’s work.

Any suggestions for the young entrepreneurs who want to step in the fashion and entertainment industry?
I would like to tell that be focused strong and avoid negative people and self-proclaimed celebrities. If you really want to do it do it. Work as much as you can fuel by your passion!



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