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Top 10 Male Models in India in 2021

We will admit. Preparing a list of top 10 male models in India for the year 2020 wasn’t easy! 2020 hadn’t been easy on any industry, fashion the least of all. All the transition from physical offices to work from home had been a rather bumpy road, it had no place in the fashion industry which thrives on networking through parties, workplaces, and another sort of face to face interaction.

Top 10 Male Models in India

Here are the top 10 male models in India in 2020 who made their mark in 2020 despite the corona pandemic.

Theme Image:   Model- Bardeep Dhiman | Outfit- Raymond

Ravi Goswami

Ravi Goswami: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – Maddy

Uttarakhand lad Ravi left Milan and came back to India due to Covid 19 pandemic & became a hot cake in the industry. Ravi did several campaigns which include but is not limited to Rohit Bal, Andamen clothing, Euda Clothing, etc.

Dushyant Singh Raghuvanshi

Top 10 Male Models in India: Dushyant
Image Credit – Francois Matthys

Dushyant, a versatile model captured attention with his immaculate and well-maintained beard. He then managed to show that he has more to offer than his beard by trimming it completely and sometimes presents a boyish stubble. This year he did campaigns for Raymonds, Itrh, Torani, Myntra, etc. Check his IG profile:

Ben M

Ben M: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – Lakme Fashion Week | Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

This boy from Manali did manage to win the fashion industry with his rather exotic looks, defined mainly with his dimples, curly hair, and boyish grin accentuated with a dimple. He started the year with Lakme Fashion Week and did several campaigns including Shantanu & Nikhil & Urvashi Kumar etc.

Bardeep Dhiman

Bardeep Dhiman: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – Francois Matthys

The fashion industry hasn’t really been known for its consistency and therefore the man who managed to capture the hearts of people through years maintaining a place in the top 10 has to mean something. One of the most successful & a decade-defining model whose presence has been noticed in the Lakme Fashion Week among many others this year.


Imraan: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – India Fashion Week | Dhruv Vaish & Sahil Aneja

It’s difficult to capture the attention of a fashionista with boyish charms, and that speaks a lot about this boy. He has a lot more to show than his most defining cuteness. His appearance in the Lakme Fashion week & India Couture Week has been noticed this year.

Vivek Dhiman

Vivek Dhiman: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – Francois Matthys | Outfit – Rohit Bal

Of course, there has to be a place for the well-chiseled body, and that place is rightfully captured by Vivek Dhiman who’s is well known for editorials. He also worked with the Alexander Jeans (Rohit Bal), Andamen Clothing has been on the top of the resume so far.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary
Image Credit – Label Tarun Tahiliani

His omnipresence throughout the entirety of the Indian fashion world has been noticed although he doesn’t like to draw attention to the fact. He has been spotted on ramp walks and also has been the face of some very influential labels. He’s sometimes referred to as God of the ramp for his talented role throughout.

Suraj Dhalia

Suraj Dhalia
Image Credit – Myntra

There has to be a place for rugged masculinity and bad boy looks. Suraj rightfully captures it. His rugged looks coupled with steel abs has been something that invokes the spirit of raw masculinity.


Image Credit – India Fashion Week

The wanderlust invoking the guy. His work with various reputed brands like The Royal Enfield has managed to be the craze of all new youngsters through India. Later he dazzled the ramp for Kunal Rawal etc.

Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta: Top 10 Male Models in India
Image Credit – Xiaomi India

Noone accentuates raw sexuality as Nitin does, and he, therefore, has a place in this list. His work with Xiaomi and IWC Schaffhausen etc shows that he’s more than someone who invokes the raw animal passion.

Summary: So here were the Top 10 Male Models in India in 2020. What are your thoughts? Do share your list of top models with us!

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