S. Dhoni who is also a native from Uttarakhand has been an inspiration for so many. Last Sunday after the bitter loss during ICC Championship, the country rejoiced women cricket. Whether be Olympics or cricket girls are outshining and saving India’s pride and honor. Women’s Cricket India vs Pakistan match has both been a historical victory and the reason for international acclamations of the Almora girl, Ekta Bisht. She was the one who made the impossible possible by scalping 5 wickets in 8 overs during India vs Pakistan women’s cricket match. What seems as an overnight rise to stardom has a long and sacrificing back story.

Ekta is 31 years old orthodox slow left arm spinner from Almora, Uttarakhand. Her father Kundan Bisht is a retired officer from Army. He had to open a tea stall in order to fulfill daughters dreams. The monthly pension of Kundan Bisht on which the family survived with was merely 1500 rs. It was difficult to sustain three children along with Ekta, mother Tara Bisht, and father Kundan Bisht. So retired officer Kundan Bisht had to start a tea stall. Ekta’s mother revealed that later only when the pension increased they closed down the stall.

Ekta started playing cricket at the age of 4. She used to play with her neighborhood children. Amongst all the boys she was the only girl and people applauded her more. The family despite the odds did not let their daughter’s dreams shatter. She got a lot of support from the family. Her parents used to give her money for her cricket practice and being a sincere child she used to return back the extra. Her mother chuckled that despite being from Dhoni’s town, she is a fan of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

She played the one test match against England in 2014. Her international debut in ODI vs Australia was when she joined the national cricket team in 2011. She started playing for Uttar Pradesh from 2007 – 2011. Earlier she was the caption of Uttarakhand cricket team in 2006. People might not remember but in the same setup of India vs Pakistan match in 2005 she was injured and had to leave the ground. Her coach Liyakat Ali Khan talks about the depression that followed in her life after that. But she kept pushing her and 12 years later she again came back in the same setting and this time made history.




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