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Sonali Gurung: A Dedication to Promote Pahari Talents

Sonali Gurung - Founder

A well-known writer from Himachal who is serving her motherland by promoting its talent by writing their achievements on an uprising web portal Sonali Gurung also works as a PR & communication manager and costume designer with a big production house in Hamirpur. She is a traveler, writer, and pet lover, let us know more about her.

First of all, we would like to know about your childhood, education, and family?

I was born and brought up in the mountains. I am completely a Pahari girl and have been raised in Dharamsala, city of monks in Himachal Pradesh. I have completed my masters in mass communication and journalism. My family is completely based in Himachal. I have been raised in a joint family which was the best part of my life. I was always a bright student and one of d naughtiest among all.

When and how did you get the chance to work for 

Pahari cinema has been introduced by Ajay Saklani, an independent filmmaker who also runs his own production house- Silent Hills studio. Pahari cinema is completely his innovation and I am taking it forward for the betterment of Pahari cinema.

What is the motto of And how does it work?

Pahari cinema is something really close to my heart. We initiated Pahari cinema just to motivate Pahari artists and give them a platform to get recognized for their work. Half of the Pahari talents get lost just because they do not get a proper recognition. So, Pahari cinema wants to capture every single artist from the hill states like Uttarakhand, J&k and of course Himachal.

You do work as a PR & communication manager and costume designer. How do u manage time between both of your jobs?

Costume designing is something which is my interest and I do design for the projects given, it's not a permanent job. Recently I worked as a costume designer with a film Saanjh. It is a Pahari film which will be on screen soon and the another is a music video of Anurag Vashisht. PR is my permanent job and to be into management one has to be smart enough to manage time. What say Gaurav?

As we know you are a traveler also, let me know which is your favorite destination?

Yah I love writing especially travel blogs. I write on Tripoto about all my traveling experiences. I like to inspire people to travel and explore the places and it actually works. I travel like a nomad. I like to explore local culture people and especially food. I write on WordPress also.

Do you have any plan of writing travel stories too?

Yes, I surely do have plans to write a travel story. In fact, a travelogue series on the Himalayas and unexplored places of Himachal. Himachal is so serene and beautiful.

Any suggestion for aspiring artists of hills?

For the aspiring artists, I want to say keep rising and shining. Artists from hills are really doing a great job. Himachal is full of talents. It's a matter of time when Himachal will have its own film industry like Bollywood. I want to give my message to all the artists that give your best and you will get the bestest. Never lose hope on anything, keep moving and fighting





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