Rohin Chhetri, a native of Dehradun, embarked on a challenging journey that led him from Dehradun to Mumbai to Dubai and back.

After completing his education in hotel management, Rohin ventured into the hospitality industry, initially serving as an Assistant Operation Manager at Inox in Mumbai. Following his stint in India, he spent approximately 15 years in Dubai, gaining valuable experience in the dynamic culinary landscape of the city.

In 2021, amidst the global upheaval caused by the Covid pandemic, Rohin made the decision to return to his hometown with aspirations of entrepreneurship.

However, the road to success was not smooth and was fraught with obstacles made worse by the pandemic’s disruptive influence on businesses worldwide.

Despite facing setbacks such as the closure of his outlet due to the second wave of Covid-19, Rohin remained resilient.

He demonstrated unwavering commitment, even selling a piece of his land to pay rent and salaries to his employees.

Ultimately through perseverance and dedication, Rohin’s efforts bore fruit. Cheesy Oven emerged as a favored destination among the youth, distinguished by its combination of affordable pricing and premium-quality ingredients.

Having established three successful outlets, Rohin pivoted towards the franchise model, selling two franchises within the town. Presently, all five outlets collectively generate a revenue of 1.5 Crore per month, signaling Rohin’s ambitious plans to expand his franchise network nationwide.




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