Recently as per a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, Rishikesh emerged ahead of Goa and Kerala for adventure sports. Last year in 2018, tourists flocked for the love of adventure trips. Boasting the highest bungee jumping Rishikesh has the craziest adventures to offer.

From skiing, white water rafting to a laid back elephant safari everything is finest. In a small place, tourists don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling and that’s another reason why the city topped the charts.

Goa ranks second for adventure sports being more of leisure travel and party destination. Kerala comes after it, for adventure rides being another aesthetic Indian tourist hot-spot. Dilip Jwalkar, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism said that 2018 was the year of adventure sports. And to rank the best while there is some sort of adventure sports happening everywhere in the country was indeed a remarkable achievement for Rishikesh.

The Yoga capital now will also be the capital city of adventure games and trips. This achievement will have a positive impact on the organization of PATA Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference and Mart 2019, in Rishikesh.

The study revealed that about 25% of adventure lovers opted for trekking. River rafting is the most popular sport all over India. Two reasons for the same were that the sport allows people to go in groups and many cities offer the opportunity.

Tallest bungee jumping platform in Rishikesh has had 70,000 people jump from it. Starting from the time it started not many years have gone by. A number of jumps from the internationally renowned bungee jumping spot is a big number that’s been crossed.

Camping, on the other hand, has been a means of learning and imparting survival techniques. About 10% of people chose camping over the last year as a recreational learning activity.




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