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10 Reasons why Pahadi Boys are best

Being born in Uttar Pradesh and after visiting various parts of India I can proudly say that Pahadi boys are the best in all over India. 'Pahadi' is a common term used for native people of Himachal Pradesh and Kumaon and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. These are the reasons why Pahadi boys can be considered as best in India.

Theme Image: Shubh Chandra, Dehradun 

1. They know how to treat women

Image: Rajat Negi with his Radio Khushi Team at Mussoorie

Status of women in any society depends on the culture of that particular region.  In Hill are areas of Uttarakhand & Himachal  not only are the women  equal to men , rather they are  one step ahead in comparison with the men. So due to cultural ideology, Pahadi boys don’t consider themselves superior to women and know how to behave with them and respect them.

2. Aspirations of becoming Soldiers


Image: Indian Army Recruitment Rally

Pahadi boys grow up with a dream to join the army and serve Mother India. Near about every second Pahadi boy wants to join Army. Uttarakhand also gives second  highest number of IMA cadets while it has only 1 crore population.

3. They are humble and calm


Image: Sandy Thakur, Shimla

Pahadi boys are very calm and humble. They don’t get into fights easily. It's very rare to find  any kind of violent clash  in Pahadi colleges. That’s the reason schools and colleges in hills attract people to get educated in this peaceful atmosphere.

4. They are born Handsome


Image: Hemant Chauhan, Shimla

Most of the Pahadi boys are handsome by birth. A huge number of Pahadi boys have attractive eyes and glowing skin but yes there are exceptions too. Near about All Pahadi boys are very fair and they don’t go crazy over fair skin like the people of the other states.

5. They are Helpful and caring


Image: Himachal

While  traveling in public transport in the hills one can easily notice how Pahadi boys offer their seats to women and older citizens. They always come forward to help the older citizens to settle their luggage. Again some exceptions can also be seen.

6. They are Ultra fashionableakshay-kothiyal

Image: Akshay Kothiyal & Shashank Negi, Garhwal Uttarakhand

Every Pahadi boy is fashionable. Mother Nature has created them in such a way that what whatever they wear they look stunning. They wear colorful funky clothes and they wear formal, every dress suits them. Even village boys of hills are far better in looks and have a better dressing sense compared to the citizens of the so-called big cities in India.

7. They are Talented


Image: Vishal Rana, Dehradun

Pahadi boys are no doubt talented. If you are studying in Uttarakhand you will have some singers, models, guitarists and actors as your classmates. Though Pahadis are very less in the population they are rocking in every field. 

8. They look innocent 


Image: Rishu Verma, Kotdwar

Pahadi boys have a cute face and always bears an innocent look. You will never find a well-read Pahadi guy speaking in a harsh tone and using foul language.

9. They have cool hairstyle


Image: Suvendu Raturi, Dehradun

Boys of the big cities and other regions spend a lot on their hair and experiments different styles to look charming. But Pahadi boys don’t have to put extra EFFORT. They  have funky hair naturally by birth. A few carry it while a few others don’t.

10. They have naturally toned bodies


Image: Uday Mehra, Almora

All Pahadi boys don’t go to the gym usually. But still, they have a nice physique. When they start attending gym they can beat any European model.




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