With a rise in the café culture and a change in people’s leisure lifestyle, the musical feel of Dehradun is at its peak. A number of artists have come up together as numerous bands in the city and are mesmerising the people with their soulful music and creating a positive impact on people’s lives.
Some well–known bands of Dehradun

1. Bhairavas

Bhairavas is an experimental soft rock band that shares it roots with the city. It has constantly been experimenting with music by adding their flavors to it and enhancing the originality of the pieces.  It is a 6 member band where Sankalp Khetwal & Vivek Badoni make you feel the lyrical groove on Vocals, Saurabh Negi makes you go wow on his Lead Guitar, Himanshu Rawat adds the feel with his Bass Guitar, Ashu Pal creates a difference on Percussion, and Satish Seti well known for his drumming adds to the beats. Their original compositions like Noora, Menda Ishq,Mathu Mathu and Kal Raat Khuda makes the vibe alive when live.

2. Cardamom


Cardamom is a three piece, fully western band from Dehradun. With Ashish Sharma on guitars and vocals, Aditi Dhand on guitars and vocals and Enoch Massey on bass, the band plays a number of genres including jazz, blues, country and pop. The main focus, however, is always on original music. The band has played at most venues across the city as well as shows in other cities. In the future, the band wishes to play mostly original music and hopefully get recognition for the same.

3. Immortal Stringsimmortal-strings

Immortal Strings is no new name for people who have been a fan of Rock Fusion and have constantly been following the war of bands that take place in the city. This band hasbeen proving their worth by winning most of the Dehradun’s band competitions. With Sujit JK on Vocals, Abhay Sharma on the Rhythm Guitar, Aman Paul on Lead, Ashutosh Kumar on Bass and Vikas on Drums, the band has been ruling over the city’s heart with their amazing transformation of blending the rock with metal.

4. Goonj : The Musical Safarigoonj

Goonj : The Musical Safari is a city based fusion cum Sufi band with a unique style of composing and transforming songs into numerous genres. The band’s debut album ‘Roobaru’ was a great hit across India and with their latest album ‘Tere Pyaar Me’, they are ready to win hearts again. The band has Mohammad Khalid on vocals, Faiz Ahmad on Bass, Sarthak Thakur on Drums and Percussion, Sanju Portel on Lead Guitar and Amber Harold on Lead and Rhythm Guitar. The band is a regular line up at college fests and is currently playing at numerous venues across Delhi and metros.

5. Swastik The Bandswastik-the-band

Swastik is an Alternative / Hindi Rock / Folk / Sufi band from Dehradun.  With Vipul Chopra on Lead Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals, Hardeep Singh on Lead Classical Vocals, Rohit Joshi on Lead Guitar, Arpit Manaktala on Percussion & Drums, Pravesh Sharma on Bass Guitar, Madusara Liyanage on Reed & Wind and Vaibhav Ghandhi on Drums, the band plays a special genre by fusing Rock with folk and sufi. Known for melodious tracks like Jogi, Kuch bhi Karlo, and Nadiyaa Ke Paar, the band is ruling people’s hearts all across the globe.

6. Indus Fleet


MTV Fame guitarist Rijo Cherian’s talents have always been his identity. Indus Fleet, a Hindi-English rock band was formed with the aim of collecting the diversity in music and combining it on a single stage. Their music is a combination of numerous genres and styles and has been creating a long lasting impact on their audience. With Rijo Cherian on Lead Guitar, Finny on Bass Guitar, Satish Seti on Drums, Avinash on Vocals and Asim on Secondary Vocals, the band plays an exceptional style of music that is well appreciated by people at numerous venues across the country.

7. Keechad


Keechad is a blend of Rock, Sufi and Classical music band that has been a consistent performer at numerous cafés, lounges, and venues all across the city. Formed in 2012 by two guys sharing a common passion for music, the band is loved for their mesmerizing style of music and original compositions. With Ashish Chaudhary on Lead Vocals, Vivek Dhyani on Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, Nishant Sharma on Drums and Puneet Negi on Bass, Keechad is known for its tracks like Pagalpan and Bharam.

8. Swarrveda


Making the audience feel their soul with their melodious tracks, founded in 2009, Swarrveda has come a long way. This alternative fusion rock band has been performing in local venues and across the nation as well. The band represented the state in events like United Unplugged Uttarakhand and has shared the platform with bands and artists like Kailasa, Parikrama, Rabbi Shergil, and Bandish Project.With Himanshu Jaisingh on Drums, Sumit Sharma on Vocals, Vivek Nand  on Lead Guitar, Madhav Chandel on Bass Guitar and Gaurav Bisht on Keyboard, the band is continuing their journey of winning hearts with their music.

9. Auchitya


Auchitya is an acoustic rock band from the city. With Rahul Gurung on vocals, Akshay Gurung on Rhythm Guitar, Ephraim Singh on Bass, Siddhant Panwar on Lead Guitar and Suyash Singh on percussion, the band is creating a stand in the city by being one of the most considered performers in numerous cafes and venues. The band is planning to release their first original composition in the upcoming year.





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    I loved the article. Being already the fan of each band enlisted here I’m sure the future of Doon music scene is going to be big.

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    New indian progressive rock band MORPHINE also comes in top 10 ten bands in dehradun and in uttarakhand..