Leela Global Exports’ owner Vijay Prabhat accused of fraud, hacking and theft
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Leela Global Exports’ owner Vijay Prabhat accused of fraud, hacking and theft

31st August 2018, Dehradun: A leading handicrafts export company in Dehradun has accused Vijay Prabhat, owner of another company, Leela Global Exports of fraud, hacking and theft.

The FIR was lodged with the Cyber Crime Police Station by the Administrative Manager at the company. It accuses Vijay Prabhat, who founded Leela Global Exports in 2017 of fraudulently applying for a job at the complainant’s company with the purpose of extracting vital information about the company’s business and clients.

According to the details given in the FIR, the accused, Vijay Prabhat applied for a job with the complainant’s company and was hired on 12-December-2017. He was required to submit a confidentiality form as per the company’s procedure but the complainant states that Vijay Prabhat kept postponing signing the confidentiality form on different pretexts. Then, after about one month of working with the company, Vijay Prabhat stopped coming to work from 09-January-2018. Furthermore, he cut all ties with members of the company.

The Complainant further claims that during this time, the company lost two valuable and original products, a silver bracelet and a silver inlay paper cutter, which their client had procured from a museum and sent from abroad. At that time, the company did not suspect the incident as a theft. The complainant then asserts that on the 16th of August, the company’s management was informed by their US-based client about another business from Dehradun, Leela Global Exports that was offering the same products to the company’s clients on its website www.leelaglobalexports.com.

On further investigation, it was found that this other company, Leela Global Exports was founded by Vijay Prabhat who is also its owner. The Complainant further says that they have discovered other crimes that the accused committed while in the company’s employment. Vijay Prabhat allegedly hacked into the computer systems to retrieve important company information like data, product photos, emails, contacts etc. The FIR also accuses him of hacking into the website of the company, which is password-protected for users trying to access the website in India.

Based on these details, the complainant has concluded that Vijay Prabhat joined the company with deliberate intent to commit fraud, hacking and theft. The matter has been registered with the Cyber Crime Police Station and is currently under investigation.



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