The school capital of India has got a new identity. Doon city which was known for its world-famous schools is now witnessing a rise in café culture. At present, Dehradun has more than a hundred cafes in every corner of the city.

The interior and ambience of cafes go with the trends, nature’s influence and mood of the city. Nothing is more pleasant than sitting with your friend in a beautifully decorated café and having a cup of coffee with a croissant ☕ 🥐.

Dehradun belongs to artists, poets, writers. The choice of the city for hosting the maximum number of the cafeteria, blend with its identity. Just like cities Delhi and Chandigarh have had a boom in club culture, Dehradun emerged with its café culture. The emerging change is right for the sophisticated, peaceful and elegant Doon inhabitants.

Majority of cafes are present on Rajpur and Mussoorie road. Other parts of the city also do host some of them. Wherever they are, the small place feels like a little world with scrumptious food, quiet atmosphere or mild music in a cosy interior. Cafes have added to the standards and class of the city.

Each cafe with a different vibe and settings attracts people with its own uniqueness in food and aura. Tourists from all over the world find a better place to hang out for taking a break between sightseeing and adventure sports.




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