Young, handsome and extremely talented are the few words that describe Akshay Chauhan, Sportsfit by MS Dhoni Mr. North India winner. The chocolate boy from Dehradun not only won the title but conquered hearts as well. In a candid conversation with us, Akshay talked about his journey and his preparation for his next goal.

Hearty congratulations for winning Sportsfit By MS Dhoni Mr. North India 2018. How do you feel about it?
Thank you so much for appreciating my achievement. For me its a journey that has now begun from this platform. I have learned a lot from the grooming classes, mentors, and everybody. Each of them has contributed to enhancing my exposure. All this was possible because the Himalayan buzz is doing a great job. They have provided an opportunity to young models.

Tell us about your childhood, education, and parents.
Actually, from childhood, I have been the naughtiest and focused towards everything apart from studies! Being a shy person I really don’t know how to talk to people. I am very passionate about athletics games from childhood.¬†When the time had passed, I came to the realization that studying is also important for the career. Fortunately, I have a grip over other fields, such as sports, and I’m a state level football player.
After I completed schooling, I started hitting the gym doing regular workouts. The training not only developed my personality and body size but also my mind. Putting my body to the shape, took a lot of patience, teaching me how to be humble and calm.
My parents are my backbone and have always supported me through any situation. They always motivate me to not give up no matter how bad things get and to always respect my elders.

How has your journey been so far with the Himalayan Buzz & Mr. North India Organization?
These were the best 4 days of my life. Unforgettable moments that have dramatically transformed me. I used to be desperate for sunrise, to get to learn new things every moment of the day. We started off as strangers, but have become friends who are like family to me now.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?
I was literally patting my back, my boy, to did it! Finally, now I’ve got somewhere, which will make my parents feel proud of their son for a real thing.

You can be honest about it, did you expect that win?
Definitely, I did. I came with the determination to win. Putting every effort in each thing I did, there was this faith that my hard work won’t go in vain. It’s my strong belief that if you have self-confidence it’ll take you places to the top.

Did you always want to be in the modeling profession? When was the first time you realized you wanted to take it up as a career?
Not really, when I built my body that was the first time, I thought about how I can use my body as my pride. And I also wanted to be different from people. You see, everybody is doing and all. I’m sick and tired of that regular guy, 9-5 job, rated by salary package image.
It’s not that for me it was all rainbows an unicorns, in our society people used to talk behind my back about me and my parents. They used to think he’s gonna make to nothing. So I decided to be a supermodel and take it as a profession.

Tell our readers something about your grooming habits.
I am very punctual about time and always aimed to win all the sub-contests irrespective of my strength and weakness. No strategizing or shortlisting, aim to win everything!
Also, I was very friendly to other contestants. The toxic mindset of pulling others to go ahead never got into me. Instead, I always tried to help everyone in some of the situations possible.

What quality do you think makes you different from other contestants?
I am very consistent, passionate, focused, smart and hardworking towards my goals, that makes me different from others.

How did your friends and family members react to your victory?
Oh, that feeling was awesome when my dad got the appreciation for the victory of his son. Every day since then, I keep getting calls from the people to congratulate me.

Who was your biggest competition in the Mr. North India pageant?
For me, everybody was a competition cause they all are representing their state and they have some responsibilities for their people. Just like me, all others must be giving their best.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?
Judges were looking for a confidence in models, looks, a personality that sharpness that every model should have. They looked for a positive aura of the model, its not about only speaking. Had it been then every standup comedian and politician would become a model!

All the finalists stayed together for more than 4 days. How was the bonding with other boys? Did you make any friends?
All guys were amazing and helpful towards each other. Some of the contestants were very close to me like Rohit, Himanshu, Abhishek, Suraj, and Shubham. We are like brothers forever hereafter.

Who was your favorite contestant and why?
Suraj! He was the most energetic guy. Such an amiable personality, always cracking jokes making us laugh. He’s a sweet person good at heart.

You also won Sportsfit By MS Dhoni Mr. Uttarakhand 2018, did you expect this title?
I was not really excepting this title and I got really surprised when they announced my name for the trophy.

Lastly, any message for all the aspiring boys who dream of being Mr. North India?
To all those youngsters just don’t give up on your dreams, believe in yourself. Keep working on your dreams cause every single step is getting you towards your ultimate goal.




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