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Gujral’s Bakers : Oldest bakers in Dehradun

Dehradun is well known for its education, rain, litchi & bakery products. Today Dehradun has hundreds of bakers in the town who make different varieties of products. But ever thought who were the people who started the first ever bakery here?

Himalayan Buzz got chance to visit Dehradun’s oldest bakery which is located in Moti Bazar ‘The Gujral’s Bakers’.

Gujral’s bakers known as the oldest bakery in the town. At present, it serves to many retailers across the city and nearby cities as well.

We had a chance to have a conversation with the owner, RK Gujral. His grandparents were from Sialkote and moved to Dehradun after partition. Upon having a little talk with him, he narrated how his father and father’s uncle were able to cross the border along with family but his grandfather wasn’t so lucky and got killed by rioters in Pakistan during partition. Those days were not so easy for the family.

After roaming and trying to make ends meet in many other regions in northern India his family finally shifted to Dehradun and started their business of bakery products with very little resources.

Dehradun has ample and good quality water which is helpful for bakers. So by the grace of God, their business boomed in a few years.

Gujrals deal in all kind of bakers, cake, and biscuits. They have almost every variety of decadent cakes and pastries you ever could think of. Being the pioneer bakers in town they have made the city famous for the bakery. Often tourists denote the name of the locality referring to their shop as a landmark.

Not only in the variety and extent of business, but they also excel in taste and quality of their products. Gujral’s cakes are a trend and benchmark for parties and get-togethers.



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